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    Thumbs up Everlyn

    Everlyn is hot. Those awesome pics are real! Same asian routine, shower, dance, massage and then the main course. Everything was on the menu except for, greek, dfk, digits and swallow. Had a great time and highly recommend this Chinese SP. She can't speak english but I got along ok. Loved the little bush, tight tasty pussy and ample boobs. A breath of fresh air considering all asian and other frauds out there. She's in the middle of a 10 day tour and I would highly recommend seeing her.

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    Nice review on a worthwhile Asian experience!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes, this agent sometimes has very nice asian girls. Comparing with milf factory, the girls here are much younger (but also $60 more expensive per hour).

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    I've seen her! Real pictures and also fairly recent ones, she is in her early-mid 20s (yay!) she speaks literally only 2 English words she is beyond clean and hygienic; one small complaint you can't really pound her as she has a very short vagina and she will push you back and close her legs.
    However the overall experience was awesome I barely managed not to explode way before the planned time, had to pull out and "rest" few times haha.
    I would definitely repeat it. A bit expensive ($150/hh) but I think the price is pretty fair considering the quality.
    Oh and the last thing the manager got a bit upset as between the message the I can go upstairs and me actually showing up at the door was about 10 minutes and he freaked out especially since I left my phone in the car and he thought I went silent after he gave me the info. Was late cuz I parked far on the street and also went to the wrong building. He'll be alright, I actually thanked him for providing all of us with such Asian gem.

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    I too saw her. She is probably gone by now, but she is very attentive. As aidanottawa said about her limited English, she did have a translating app on her phone. Nice experience.

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    I would rate her BBBJ 13/10, the only complaint is she doesn't offer DFK but the agent lists it in the auto-reply message.

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    Does "agent" mean pimp? I'm very interested but also creeped out.

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    Saw Everlyn a few nights ago. I can't tell if the pics are her or not but I'd say she's even cuter. Rounder face, maybe even some freckles. She has a super cute face and solid little body. Great ass.

    Limited English but very easy going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmmm View Post
    I would rate her BBBJ 13/10, the only complaint is she doesn't offer DFK but the agent lists it in the auto-reply message.

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    Not exactly, but she knows how to use her tongue to take you to heaven

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    Quote Originally Posted by fasisco View Post
    Does "agent" mean pimp? I'm very interested but also creeped out.
    I don't want to accuse anyone specific of anything but ya...I would never partake in something like this. Asian girls who can't speak English send off alarm bells in my head due to the trafficking busts that happen every year. Not to mention how high volume operations like this are. A while ago this board was raving about a girl who saw 12-13 men a day. Imagine being the last one.

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    Imagine being the girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickPunter View Post
    I imagine being the Guy. ��

    But different strokes for different folks.
    Lol ya, I'd screw 13 random girls for $3,380.

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    Just saw her for hh, here's the review.

    The good : agent was prompt and responsive on text ; small girl just how I like them (5'3'' 110lbs roughly); tits (D cup, firm, felt enhanced but I could be wrong, perky niples) ; amazing bbbj (had to stop her after 5min otherwise I would've blown it) ; cute face ; nice tight ass ; very soft skin (prolly the softest I've touched in a while honestly) ; she's overall very adorable

    The average : doesn't speak any English, had to use the translator for the convo pre/post intercourse ; massage (a bit too rough for my liking, but perhaps others will enjoy it more)

    The bad : no mouth to mouth kissing at all; no daty; unshaven kitty; I asked at the end if she enjoys her job and she told me no, but she's doing it to pay her "debt", what ever that may mean. I felt bad for her and tipped her an extra 20$.

    Overall I'd recommend her to you guys, especially if you're into asian/spiner girl. Just don't expect a passionnate encounter. She'll get the job done and beyond, but that's where it stops. Too bad that she's probably pimped...

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