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    Hannah Simpson - Hannah, a former Ottawa resident turned Torontonian but her heart is in Ottawa <3 I noticed she was making a short, sweet visit back and I knew I just had to meet her. Hannah is a sweet, young, beautiful, and lovely lady. Passionate heart and energy. Also, if you ever need a warm cuddle buddy, she's very open and friendly. She is very attractive. Soft blonde hair, dreamy grey/blue eyes, alluring bosom, lovely body with the whitest smooth skin, and to me, her facial features had a similarity to the actress Scarlett Johansson. A beautiful and amazing young woman. I highly recommended. Hannah plans to visit once every while so keep an eye out. Thank you Hannah for a pleasurable time! Hannah is also a member of OIC, a wonderful and lovely collective of companions. All my experiences so far with these pretty ladies have been fabulous!

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    At $400/hour or $600/1.5hours for the first visit?

    Terb guy,
    I admire your budget!

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    I saw Hannah last fall before she moved away.
    A delightful lady and worth every penny.

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    1.5 hrs preferred but not required

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terb Guy View Post
    1.5 hrs preferred but not required
    Is this you, Hannah?

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    To be fair, she is well reviewed in both TO and when she travelled out west. Her schedule didn't work with mine, otherwise I would have partaken.

    It's more of a bucket list thing, not a regular at those rates.

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