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Thread: A Helpful (I hope) Message to Pickering Angels

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    A Helpful (I hope) Message to Pickering Angels

    Hey PA

    It's great to see you advertising on TERB, but I have one little suggestion/comment to make.

    I think you should stop putting pictures of supermodels/Victoria's Secret ladies in your ads! I know you're not claiming that these are the people we'll see when we come to your establishment, but it could look that way to someone. Check the ad from the morning of August 13th for example--there is a GIF of a very young, dark haired, beautiful model, above AND under the little moving picture is the caption 'Lana', who DOES work at Pickering Angels. Now, I've met Lana, she's very lovely as well, and I know that's not her. If you keep scrolling down there are pictures of the very blonde Lana--but if you don't you COULD be left with the impression that the model IS Lana. I can picture the 'bait and switch' posts now!

    You have many beautiful ladies working at Pickering Angels and it has been my pleasure to meet many and spend some quality time with them. If you want videos in your ads, then perhaps you could make your own, featuring some of your ladies--they could be quite sexy without showing faces/tattoos/identifying marks.

    I am a big fan of your business and I am only looking for you to not get in trouble or have bad responses from guys expecting to meet these supermodels in your recent ads. I hope this helps, but of course it is your business to run the way you feel best. Thank you for all the fun over the years, and I think we all know I'll be back again soon.

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    The GIF is that of Adriana Lima a Victoria Secret's Brazilian Model dressed up as an Angel. But of course below it are accurate pictures of Lana. Not in any way critical of your post, but are you implying that they should have inscripted Lana's name below the GIF and not above it? I am guessing that they were using the GIF just to resonate the "Angel" that Pickering Angels stands for. Do not know whether it violates the copyright of Victoria Secret. But that is not for me to judge.

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    I am just trying to be helpful. I think they shouldn't use pictures/videos of other ladies in their ads unless they are very clearly marked as to what they are (and they are not). I wasn't thinking of copyright at all, but I suppose that does come into play too.

    I just think that they have plenty of very beautiful ladies there, and there's no need to post pictures of ones who don't, and probably never will, work there. Videos of their own Angels would entice me to visit them (if I didn't already) a lot more than pictures of Victoria's Secret models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bver_hunter View Post
    "I am guessing that they were using the GIF just to resonate the "Angel" that Pickering Angels stands for. Do not know whether it violates the copyright of Victoria Secret. But that is not for me to judge."
    @bver_hunter: This is correct. GIFS of sexy angels in our post are theme linkages because we are Pickering Angels, and all GIFS are public domain, so no copy write infringement violations to worry about.

    bluebro69: Our posts with the GIFS aren't meant to mislead anyone at all, but rather tap into SEO & advertising capabilities & to activate online analytics linking our images, gifs, to hash tags, post tags, post titles, regional tags etc...We utilize a variety of tools for proper audience targeting to ensure that we are reaching our businesses core audience online, and to promote healthy engagement about our establishment, as well as promote our beautiful angels for you all to come visit and enjoy their amazing services.

    bluebro69: Thank you for your suggestion/concern & thank you for being a loyal customer. We appreciate you, come see us again soon! 😘🤗👄

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    It's not misleading at all..well to most. It's so obvious it's not your angels. You have great professional photos in each bio.
    Don't sweat it PA
    I'lll act my age when I'm 69

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    it is totally misrepresentative, its a sign the talent doesn't stand on its own (and much of it doesn't)

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