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Thread: Kimmy on LL 514 436 0120

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    Kimmy on LL 514 436 0120

    Ok so I'm either really bad at using the search engine or she changed her number/name or she never received any reviews despite being active for over a year already. If you guys know/find the thread regarding her, feel free to send me the appropriate link and I'll post in the proper thread.

    Anyhow, I've seen her around 10 times (she actually was the first escort I ever saw...) and here's my review :

    The good : Tight little ass ; spinner type body (5'1'', 100 lbs) ; friendly ; enthusiastic (you can see that it pleases her to please you) ; responsive to foreplay (she doesn't allow DATY though...); great at riding in CG/RCG (honestly if you ever go see her, make it a must to have her ride you in RCG, the view is just... wow) ; offers refreshment at her place ; Good vibe at her place, some smooth music, and some nice mirrors to enjoy another viewpoint when you're fucking her aha) ; always easy to text and setup with her, flaked me once out of 10 times

    The average : Face ; very passive during kissing (only offers light kissing really), but she's got some good lips ; small but perky boobs (B cup) ; kitty (often not fully shaved, a bit loose sadly); body fit but not toned; rate (120hh 180h 40 extra greek, included is light kissing, CBJ, DIGIT); decent CBJ for what it's worth, at least she's making it look like she's enjoying herself while giving CBJ ; she's got some nice tattoos on her back/shoulder, makes for a good view in doggy imo, but some may not like it ; offers massage, but not in a conventional way. She'll barely scratch your back and it does feel good and relaxing, but in a different way than a deep tissue massage for instance

    The bad : No BBBJ ; no DATY ; doesn't like being slapped on the ass (or overall being rough with her)

    She's also really patient with first timer like I was when I first saw her. Just to give you an idea, my nerves were so racked up it took me 15 minutes to get an erection going. Nevertheless, she kept a positive vibe throughout. That's some professionalism there.
    As far as rough vs sensual, she's definitely more of the sensual type, although that aspect of her is greatly unfulfilled due her passiveness during kissing.

    Overall, I'd recommend this girl to anyone who's into small spinner girl.

    If the CBJ/no DATY/light kissing aren't dealbreakers for you, give her a try, you'll probably enjoy yourself.

    514 436 0120

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    Hi RRM,

    Thanks for sharing your detailed review with Kimmy.
    I had seen her once quite awhile back at a moment when I had a craving for a small young woman who offered greek. Comparatively my experience was somewhat similar to what you described i.e.) cbj and no DATY. One thing that was worse for me was that there was no kissing at all. Nonetheless I was not restricted against sucking her perky titties and roll my tongue along her little body. Although I was not a big fan of tattoos, I love that ass and managed to "greek" her pretty good.
    For the reasonable rate and that young spinner body and notwithstanding some of her restrictions i.e) No emotion, No GFE and Kissing, I will repeat mainly for greek.
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    I had the COMPLETELY different experience.

    I go for HH. She basically ran her finger tips all over my body without ever touching my guy and then says your HH is up. So I had to pay for the full Hour and only then did she start more.

    Worse experience ever. Will never return

    Note: I was freshly washed but took a shower there. I was groomed. I was polite and made small talk so it was not a hygiene or attitude issue from me.

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    That is sad to hear @Ladyluvr69. Did you escalate during the interactions, ie. telling her to suck you or did you remain passive? One thing for sure is that Kimmy is more of the passive type in that she'll wait for your lead. If you just lay on the bed, I can certainly imagine her just running her fingers across your body for 30min sadly.

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    I also saw her once a year or so ago and she's a beautiful girl and perfectly nice but my experience was pretty much like whiteshaft's.

    I don't think I'll repeat because it just felt so cold and somewhat awkward. Figured it was just a no connection thing but seems there's a common sentiment out there.

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    wow this is super weird. I tried to find her not so positive thread and it is vanished. I looked through my own comments list twice, I had a comment about her it must be in that list.
    She was known as "Kimmie the petite college girl" she hosts in a house across Ottawa Police building on Elgin - funny eh? - and she was well known for the long restrictions list and very bossy attitude.
    yep she is the girl in the pictures for sure but oh boy no repeat for me I heard enough in hh of "please don't do that, please don't touch that" and I am not even the demanding type...
    are old threads archived or what the heck is going on? Kimmy has a boyfriend admin in the forum lol...

    Edit: I found this from 2017 so I am not dreaming.. she is the one where is the thread??

    She is mentioned here half way down the page >>

    This is the link to her review

    all you get there is

    Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    so yep thread's gone.

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    Welp I'm not sure how I got to experience overall positive experiences with her with all those negative reviews. I guess we just connected somehow... Sorry for missleading some of you guys...

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    Well, I had one of my top sp experiences ever with Kimmy the other night. I had gotten a bad vibe from texting with her months ago and had all but written her off. Until the other night. I was downtown waiting to meet a friend who was running very late. I took a quick look to see if any sp offering anal were close by. No one, except for Kimmy.... So I texted her and found her to be very nice and accommodating to my questions. Found out I was only a few blocks away. Fuck it, off I go.
    Get to her building and she is standing inside waiting in tiny jean shorts and a tank top. She is about 5ft tall if that, maybe 100lbs. Smoking hot girl with braids in her hair. Takes me into her place and gives a big hug and a smile. Take care of a few things before heading into the bedroom. She drops the shorts to the floor and takes off her shirt, beautiful tight body. Cbj for a few mins, then bends over and offers me a view of her tiny ass. Pulls out some toys and lube and asks me to if I would like to use them. A little of this, alot of that and I'm ready to go. Really took my time with her, edging in both holes, butt plug, lots of dirty talk; my god, what an incredible experience!
    Never felt like she didnt want me there, was very fun and willing to make me happy, even stopping mid session to change panties. I would hands down any day of the week go and see her again. I have been seeing alot of one sp for the last few years, and now Kimmy has opened my eyes a bit.

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    I saw Kimmy a while back when I wanted to try Greek. Arrived freshly showered, brought her a small gift, and was my usual charming self. ;-)

    That said, it was one of the most unsatisfying experiences I ever had. She was very mechanical, no kissing or any form of interaction other than asking me to use a toy on her butt. After a while of doing this she turns around, junior is still sleeping due to the lack of attention, and she says well if that doesn't have you ready nothing will and starts to dress. Maybe YMMV, but no interaction, no chemistry. Needless to say, no repeat for me.

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    I'm going to echo Asher's experience here. Despite being a Greek fan, and what I've read about her, she was totally not on my radar. But Asher and I have a lot of similar tastes so I bit.
    Happened to have a meeting on Elgin yesterday morning so I tried for a last minute appointment with her to which she accommodated. Knew there was conflicting reports so I didn't ask too many questions and kept it short and sweet. Greeted me at the door and offered me a lemonade. Her hair was darker than the pics which I loved. Asked politely if I could wash my hands before the session which I normally do anyway.
    Offered me the massage but I asked if I could give her one instead. She liked that idea and made for a great icebreaker. After 10 minutes asked me if I wanted to play with her butt with some toys and pulled out a small vibe and a pretty large glass butt plug. Let me do dato which was unexpected. The glass one was awesome since you could clearly see her gape through it. Then an enthusiastic covered beej went down with ball play.
    Started with her riding me while she looked into a mirror over her bed. Then moved to rcg greek with me playing with her clit until she came. Then kept going until she returned the favor while grabbing my balls.
    Cleaned me up afterwards and showed off some new lengerie that she bought. Great session and no clock watching at all.
    Typically I go for a really submissive girl where I can take the lead but I really got the impression that she's enjoys her job but on her terms. But no complaints here...her "routine" took me to places I wanted to go to anyway! I'm usually the one bringing a bag of toys to my appointment so this was a nice change. If you don't find stretching out a cute chick's ahole with toys hot then you should probably avoid.


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    i really think experience with her is YMMV. for me, it is totally a waste of time and money. She showed nicely, but service is not good at all. Very mechanic and also pushing. i even did not have mood to finish all with her. and took an excuse then left.

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    For me Kimmy has been a consistent experience. I agree on the great ride, I love grabbing her ass in reverse cowgirl, or her tits if she leans back. Those mirrors are are great so I can see the expression on her face. Her skin is very soft and she smells nice. Haven’t tried Greek yet, I’ve been told she enjoys it.

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    Dude! She loves it! Definitely try!

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    Folks, do you know kther girls who are open to bbbj and greek? I have seen Kimmy, and had similar mediocre encounter, no emotions, even a bit rigit.

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    Have seen Kimmy 10-15 times over the years, and a couple of times since last reporting, so guess it's time for an update.

    Have visited her on the past three Canada Days, including this year, and a hot & sweaty session it was. A great start to the Day. 🇨🇦

    She texted me recently to say hello, and fortunately agreed to a weekend rendezvous.

    Wow Kimmy is looking fine. She was wearing a classy red silk robe with a Japanese-inspired rose motif. Didn't realize it at the time, but she had a sexy surprise underneath.

    We hugged, light kisses, and went down the stairs. Kimmy asked me to wash my hands. No worries. Asked her which towel to use, she indicated the little one. Roger that.

    Realized that she was in the washroom behind me, turned to see Sexy Kimmy wearing a sexy black camisole and a cat ears tiara. Hello Kitty! 🐈

    We headed for the bedroom and things started to heat up. She unclipped the camisole, and soon it was on the floor.

    Her yoga classes are paying off. Her lovely bottom is petite and firm as always. Her lips were soft and pouty and begged for a kiss. Pushed on for a very long time, enjoying the sweet sights, sounds and sensations with this lovely girl. {Editor's Note: Graphic descriptions of salacious events have been removed so as not to shock delicate sensibilities}

    Afterwards, caught my breath and got caught up while she lounged at the bottom of the bed, au natural of course.

    Things are well with Kimmy. She's more Zen now, more relaxed and able to go with the flow. She is a perfectionist and likes things done a certain way, and I'm happy to follow her lead on housekeeping items so she's happy & comfortable.

    On the way out, she reintroduced me to her Cat Monsieur Chanel. He likes to be scratched, and seemed to remember me as I scratched his ears and tummy. He has a new house-mate, a new Kitty that was lounging on the couch. Kimmy is a very sexy Cat Lady. We chatted a bit more, light kisses, hugged and parted.

    Ŕ la prochaine, Sweet Kimmy 💋

    On an Administrative note, Kimmy had asked me to delete the original thread last Spring. Hence, it didn't show up when Rock and Roll Machine did his initial research. Kimmy asked me to update her thread, the Mods were kind enough to reactivate it, so here's the link.

    Thought I would piggyback on Rock and Roll Machine's new thread, as he seems like a righteous dude. His is the voice of a new generation. Hope that works for everyone.

    MP Out

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