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Thread: Alexandra Ferrari

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    Alexandra Ferrari

    She has been reviewed before and to keep the thread almost intact here is her previous review.

    Here is her latest ad

    I did read the previous review (only the first few posts) before setting up a half hour appt. Same services as previous review. Restrictions - no Greek or CIM. 140hh 220h. I arrived 5 minutes before appointment time and texted her for the room #. After a couple of minutes of radio silence, I texted again. I figure if I don't hear anything in the next 5 minutes, I'm outta here. At 1 minute past the appointment time she texts me the room number. By the time I am up in the room, it is 5 minutes past the appointment time. We get the administrative details out of the way and get going with the session. She does deliver on all promised services and I was having a good time. At 20 minutes past the start of the arranged appointment time (15 minutes after the session has started), she says that I have to finish up as we are into her shower time. I tell her that I booked for a half hour. She says that the half hour includes a 10 minute shower so she can get ready for her next client who is arriving in 10 minutes. I generally don't wrestle with pigs in the mud because you get muddy and never win, so I have to focus on the goal, get myself off with COB, quick washup and outta there having learned the lesson that I need to read through all 2 pages of a review and not just the first couple of posts. Probably wouldn't be much of an issue with an hour appointment but sure is rushed when you are trying to squeeze in a half hour of activity in 15 minutes. However, it seems pretty dishonest to me. Repeat - never.
    can't stop doin it

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    I had a pretty similar experience OP. Even though i booked for an hour we only played around for about 40 mins.

    She told me she has lots of regulars here and she gets booked up and has to try and make time for all, so she limits her sessions. I had a good time but I wouldn't repeat since I like to have a full session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbiz View Post
    She was on my "maybe one day" list. Thank you guys. Now she's on my "forget about her" list. Her business model is unacceptable and disrespectful imo. I can't believe that she expect the clients to pay for HER shower time!!
    She is well worth seeing I saw her 3 times the last time she was here in a week and she never did that to me. I would highly recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkPnt3r View Post
    I think bobbiz will have good time with her. Especially because he's French fluent. But I actually Would NOT recommend her to him given this new information... She's not as she once was when I first reviewed her... And because she's in high demand thanks to the years of rep, there's a chance she won't give him the best time, especially if he books her for half hour LOL

    Bobbiz ain't got no time for her!

    Any provider that books consecutive appointments without at very very minimum 15 minutes between appointments isn't worth it. There's absolutely no reason for it, even if oddly fully booked (fib to get you out faster possibly to avoid awkward chitchat about the lost time? Who knows, she's into the 'trickery of clients to maximize $$$ while riding her past reputation' stage of her SW career it seems)

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    I hung out with Alexandra about a month ago and had a wonderful time with her.

    She was super fucking chill, easy to talk to and sexed us up real good. I would easily see her again and would tonight if I were made of money.

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    Seen her and she's a beauty and very friendly ..wasnt rush at all and shes offer a nice gfe ..i would repeat

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    I too had a great time with her probably about a month ago.
    My decision to visit her was based on the original positive review thread.
    All that was promised by text was performed and I was highly satisfied, I arrived freshly showered (As is my habit).
    It was my first booking with her, I booked hh, and used every minute of it.

    I certainly would repeat, she was sexy, passionate and enthusiastic.

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    Saw Alexandra this week just outside Montreal. What a sexy sweet babe. She was super friendly with me and really seems to love what she does. What a smokeshow! Beautiful face with long lashes and a cute button nose with long jet black hair. Love her short curvy build with those nice natural c cups. Dfk bbbj and mpos were delivered with enthusiasm. Loves daty and 69 and got very wet. Lots of kissing during the main event too. Her ass looks really amazing and lead to me having an intense SOG in doggy. She wasn't a clockwatcher with me and after the deed we chatted for a while til she apologized and said she had another client coming so she needed to shower. Perfectly understandable sweetheart...she is obviously very popular. What I love about sexy Alex is that often a girl this hot will let her looks do alot of the work for her but this isn't the case here. She aims to please and seems to enjoy the encounter herself. Someone mentioned that she has a dirty pleasing side to her and I would agree. She actually told me she may retire in a few months. If she comes back to Ottawa get her while you can boys because this may be her last hurrah. Would love to repeat with this bombshell myself before she rides into the sunset.

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