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Thread: Maple Leafs - 2019-20

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellowjello View Post
    I don't know exactly what that means but I don't take shots at anyone.
    2 maybe 3 members are here only to nitpick and take cheap shots. Unlike you and I they aren't here to have serious discussions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smuddan View Post
    how do you and dart judge a player's leadership quality ??
    Grit !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smuddan View Post
    I respect that it's your opinion, and I totally agree that the team lacks grit and toughness. However, I don't think it's fair to label the players "lack leadership" because it's the gm who has decided that the team just doesn't need those elements. Crosby or Teow would not have helped in those departments when a teammate gets run over. I liked Kadri's grit but not his inability to keep his emotions in check. That's not what "grit" is about.
    I agree, it wasn't the wisest thing to do, I just get where it was coming from.
    I don't blame the players at all, they are who they are and there's a lot of skill, just bringing it full circle to
    the original point that it seems like too much money invested in one type of asset.
    Like I said before, not even blaming the Leafs, they were at the forefront of a shift in RFA bargaining landscape and they have some
    really good players they don't want getting away.
    I do have issues with Babcock though, and I respect his achievements and what he's accomplished here but he casts a really big shadow.
    I hope I'm wrong about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrypalm View Post
    How did Pittsburgh win then? Were you in a coma for a couple of those 50 years?
    In a coma for a couple of years, just napping the rest of the time.

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