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Thread: Lotto Max on Wednesday nights now too??

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    Question Lotto Max on Wednesday nights now too??

    Did you guys know that now Lotto Max plays on Wednesdays too?

    I wish I could play Lotto Max more.. But its more of an expensive game and I never win on it lol

    Thoughts?? Do you guys normally play lotto max? I prefer lotto 649 and Hit or Miss over Lotto Max for sure!!

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    Actually the draws take place late at night on Tuesdays and Fridays. I know it takes long for numbers to come up sometimes, especially if it is a big money draw with many maxmillions. However the main indicator is the ticket date which would be a Tuesday or Friday.
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    They also increased the odds by adding an extra number. So now 1 to 50 instead of 1 to 49 formerly.
    The jackpot can reach a max of 70 million now as well.
    It's a game best played in a group due to it's costs and in order to beat the greater odds.
    Even when there was super 7 and out of 47 numbers the odds were high.
    The skeptic in me always found an unusually higher amount of winners from Quebec for some reason, so maybe if you visit play one from there.
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