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Thread: Warning. Got a Shock need techie help

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    Warning. Got a Shock need techie help

    I wanted to sign up with a private club, but needed to ask a question first. So, I filled out the email address fields and, as I was about to write my question in the message field, I clicked on the word "message". To my horror my exact address came up on the screen. What the fuck? Does anyone know about this, and how do you fix it? Thanks

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    I imagine your browser is tracking some info for convenience purposes. Change your privacy settings.

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    You have Auto fill on. It fills in your address and other info. Don't be shocked as it is on your computer, not from the website form you were filling out.

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    ok, thanks.

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    Yes autofill is turned on.
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    we all saw your address when you signed up on terb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anon1 View Post
    we all saw your address when you signed up on terb.
    Its still showing...

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    do you have one of those smart computers

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