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Thread: Gold stocks. Any thoughts?

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    Gold stocks. Any thoughts?

    I have played gold stocks for 30 years. They have never done me wrong. Many hate them because they dont know how to play them and they listen to the guests on BNN too much. I once around 1997 picked up Eldorado Gold at $.25 cents. Yep a quarter. It went to over $20 ten years later. I unfortunately sold it at around $3.00. I still did well, BUT. Eldorado has been my Mistress for over 20 years. It has been my favourite stock and she has never let me down. I picked up Eldorado this time just before the 5/1 consolidation. I picked up 150,000 shares @$.75. And after the consolidation I had 30,000. Well the 150,000 @ $.75 cost me $112,500 plus broker fees at TD. Well I sold them end of March at $6.75. I picked up a nice profit of $90,000. That is the reason Eldorado is my favourite and I call her my mistress. I was so happy I had a heck of a weekend. I saw Stunning Miella, Bianca White, Celina Banks and a couple agency girls. I was totally beat. But I toasted Eldorado Gold every time. The ladies had no idea WTF I was talking about. LOL.

    Would like to hear anyone’s thought on the gold sector.

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    I don't know. Maybe the key is that you have been the stock market player for 30 years. I've tried last November and then the stock market collapsed, so I lost $100K that I got from sale of my car. So I lost my faith. Now I started playing in online casinos where I can deposit bitcoin. Can I ask you to see this website and tell me if my choice is good?

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    May be the time to buy now that it crashed. When is the Energy sector going to bounce back?

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    Now is the time to own gold.

    Wait till Trudeau is out before you consider the energy sector. And I don't think he will be out anytime soon.

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    Gold might hit 1700, but may be not. I'd say it's a bit late for jumping on the gold bandwagon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbadun View Post
    Wait till Trudeau is out before you consider the energy sector. And I don't think he will be out anytime soon.
    I don't think that Canada is stupid enough to vote for him twice!

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    Gold is very volatile but in the long run (4-5 yrs) physical gold will hit $1900 USD. I have increased my position in Gold in the last 3 yrs, most bought in 2016 at $1100 USD /oz. I like physical gold over paper but that's just my personal preference.

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