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Thread: AnnA Style Massage; High Technique Hard&soft Massage; Remove Stress & sore Muscle...

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    2190 Warden Ave., Unit #210, at Warden / sheppard E.; next to the Esso gas station, go through back Entrance to 2nd Floor, turn Left Unit #210

    AnnA Style Massage; High Technique Hard&soft Massage; Remove Stress & sore Muscle...

    AnnA Style Massage, A very experienced massage technique mixing with Shiatsu massage; Swedish massage; Acupressure massage; Tui Na massage and Energy Qi Flow. "Sore Muscle"? "Stiff Shoulder and Back"? COME!

    AnnA Style Massage provides consisting of finger and palm pressure plus nonspecific pressure and trigger points pressure by rubbing, rolling, or applying on the reflex zone of the body trigger points, will increases blood circulation which delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells; increases the feeling of relaxation and well-being; stimulates the lymphatic system which carries waste products away from "cells"

    AnnA Style Massage will ensure that you receive flow of Energy through your body, relief from headaches and other conditions that are exacerbated by stress.

    Massage* Rates:
    $40/30 minute
    $50/45 minute
    $60/60 minute

    Happy Hour Massage*:
    $38/45 minute before 2:00PM;
    $30/30 minute after 6:00PM

    Tel: 416 495 0592

    2190 Warden Ave., Unit #210, Scarborough, ON M1T 1V6
    Unit #210 / Turn Left on 2nd Floor

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