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Thread: How do i post a review

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    How do i post a review

    As a new member its a bit confusing. Is there a site tour or user guide??

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    that is dedication.

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    He means more than that. He obviously knows how to post a new thread.

    I recall one time someone posts a review and another starts complaining that it's not in the "standard" format for his liking. The gall of some people.

    Those that do the "standard" formats are most likely infomercials anyway.

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    If you're reviewing or making an ISO post about an ad on a classifieds site like Leolist, please post it in the classifieds sub-forum.

    It will help to cut down on the "Has anyone seen ...?" threads that have been cluttering that section in recent months and save the mods having to constantly move threads to the proper sub-forum.

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    This should be in the manual and user guide.

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    They should do a detailed thread about how to use the search function here hecause it's horrendous.

    I have better luck searching + whatever querry I'm looking for on google than I do here

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    Where do I begin a post/ ********** there is a "start new thread" tab in the bottom corner...I do not see anything? Please advise

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