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    Exclamation desperate times

    I guess that we are in the middle of the lean time of the year in an industry that is slowly collapsing. How can I tell? I got a text last night (WHO DIS?) from a dancer I hadn't heard from in years. Just touching base, letting me know where she is working now. In sports terms, that would be called a long throw for an out. I have a feeling that if THIS girl has wrung my name out of her phone, then things are getting tight out there.
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    Ottawa Citizen article re the closing of The Glue Pot/Barbarella's in which it's suggested that business has fallen about 60% at Barb's in recent years and that "most" of the dancers will be heading to the 'Fax.

    According to this piece, the owner (owners?) considered re-opening elsewhere but figured it would cost $500-600k to open a new place.

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    If three of the dancers in the past that I traded texts with suddenly sent me a line telling me to visit them at a club, I'd be in celebration mode.

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    This particular girl was new to the job when I met her, and wouldn't take my suggestions about her work ethic. Eventually it lead to her being fired because of how it was affecting the work environment. She knows it was me who had a talk with the manager/owner but texted me anyway.

    I'm not mad or anything. I was fine with her. I know the game; I used to be in it. She was preventing the other girls from making money and had to go. She's at a club that I never go to, so I have no further cause to complain.

    If after all of that she still felt that she could sweet-talk me into a visit then it must be pretty desperate out there for some.
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