Cruise tickets

My mom is looking to sell some cruise tickets she's unable to use.

There are 2 sets of 2 tickets on a standard cruise (up to 7 to 9 days, $925 plus port fees, x 4 - but two people must be going together on the same cruise; e.g. you can't buy all four and have three people going on one cruise, and one person going on another)

These depart from ports all over the world, visiting locations on all continents. There are options for the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Europe, Alaska, Antarctica, Hawaii, Middle East, South America, Galapagos, river cruises, and more. Many have balcony and oceanview stateroom cabin options included in the price (you can pay more to upgrade to even nicer cabins).

My mom is looking to sell at least two of the tickets and keep the other two herself, but if someone really wants to buy all four, she's willing to sell them all.

The cruises can be booked for anytime this year in 2019 or in 2020.

Most importantly, the cruises must be booked by March this year!

If you are interested and have a location and date in mind, I can do a search for you using her RCI Packages account for you to let you know the options.

Bring your favourite SP with you and treat her to a nice time away! I don't know the normal price of comparable cruises, but I'm guessing these ticket prices are pretty discounted, otherwise my mom wouldn't have bought so many (she is extremely thrifty).

Examples of standard cruise itineraries:

Vacations (resorts, apartments)

My mom owns timeshare at a resort by Disneyland in Florida. She has fixed weeks I believe in August each year, and she usually trades them in to be used at resorts all over the world. However, she still has her weeks in Florida for this year, so if you're interested in taking the family to Disneyland in Florida this year for cheap, let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, she will deposit them with RCI and get points in exchange that can then be used to book vacations at other resorts and apartments around the world.

The whole timeshare exchange system is a bit complicated to explain, but there are some nice resorts on there, including all-inclusive ones (more expensive, there's a daily fee on top of what you will reimburse my mom) and non-all inclusive, as well as full apartments with kitchens you can do your own cooking in, etc.

Like with the cruises, there are many, many options in many, many locations.

You will reimburse my mom based on how many points the resort is worth. My mom pays annual maintenance fees for her timeshare, which is converted into points (about $30 per point, a typical stay at a Mexican resort for 7 nights from a quick search shows it's 5 points, so you'd pay my mom $150 CAD).

Then, there is usually a $335 CAD "exchange fee" RCI charges to exchange my mom's weeks in Florida for whatever other resort you want to go to.

So for example, a 7-night stay at a resort in an Acapulco resort (4.5/5 star Tripadvisor rating) for 2 people would only cost you $485.

A similar resort in 4/5 star (Tripadvisor rating) Vuokatti, Finland, would cost you the same.

Those are just the cheapest options I see for decent resorts, if you want to spend a bit more, the resort options get exponentially nicer.

I think the apartment options are cool too, you can get a two-bedroom apartment in Cabo San Lucas that sleeps 6 for $695 CAD, with a kitchen, and there's a Walmart in town and you can cook all your own meals - we did that a few years ago, and it was awesome! Great tacos, amazing beaches. They also sell you Viagra and Cialis in town without a prescription *hint hint*.

Interested in either a cruise or a vacation?

It's a bit complicated (I think they make timeshare complicated on purpose), so please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you are interested in me doing a search for you to find out what your options are. The more details you can give me, the easier - e.g. the date/month you want to travel, number of people travelling, the location you want to travel, whether you want an all-inclusive or not, your budget.

Just because I know I will get asked: Yes, I'm open to being your travel partner if you are interested in purchasing one of these options from my mom. I will not travel with you if I have never met you before, however - I only travel with established clientele who I trust, and coverage of my travelling expenses as well as a daily rate (to be determined depending on my level of interest in the location you've chosen, the duration of the vacation, and other variables).

Interested in buying my mom's timeshare?

All her kids have flown the nest and she's single now, and as you can guess, her timeshare is underused. I'm helping her sell it, so let me know if you're seriously looking to buy timeshare in Florida at a popular resort near Disneyland at a fraction of the cost you'd pay from buying from the resort. You can then use RCI to trade in for other vacations every year.