WEST DRIVE SPA --- FRIDAY - Jan 11 --- open - 10am - 2am-(morning)-

- B E L L A ----- Polish mature MILF ( age 32, tall -5'3", 115 lbs)

--------------------- L O V E L Y face, D A R K E Y E S CANDY, BLOND hair,

--------------------- K I L L E R & S E X Y body with :::

--------------------- K I L L E R & H U G E breasts 32 DD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--------------------- S E X Y & C U T E & K I L L E R bottom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--------------------- K I L L E R legs, VERY NICE - very small - 35 size foot !!!

-------------------- W E T & K I S S A B L E lips, T A L E N T E D tongue !!!!

SHE'S S W E E T & P O L I T E , C H A R M I N G , F L I R T Y , H O T !!!

S U P E R - S E X Y !!!, OPEN-MINDED !!! S U P E R F R I E N D L Y !!!

---------------------ask her about S P E C I A L !!!!!!!-------------------

- B E L L A = expert GREAT RMT type mass, FULL *S* with her

FULL lip action, FULL body 2 body...finished....6/???...Russ, Ital, kitty play,

R O L E play, G O L D E N , P R O S T A T E ++++ ???

SHE'S working today with her SEXY and I N E X P E N S I V E Friends :::

10am-----5pm--- S U M M E R - T O Y S , DOS talk DIRTY, P R O S T A T E ,
-------------------------ROLE play, DOM, S T R A P , HARD RMT type, 6/???+++

10am-----6pm--- J A C K I E - Full *S* with her, S T R A P , P R O S T A T E ,
---------------------------------ROLE play, FULL lip action +++++

10am---2am-(morning)--- K A Y L A - BBW - STRAP, DOM, ROLE play, 6/???
-----------------------------------------DOS talk DIRTY ++++

3pm---2am-(morning)--------- B E L L A ----------

6pm---2am-(morning)--- S A M A N T H A - KITTY play, S T R A P , ROLE play,
----------------------------------------PROSTATE, GREAT RMT style, FULL *S*+++

6pm---2am-(morning)--- S O N I A - FULL *S* with her, FULL lip action,
-------------------------------------FULL body 2 body..kitty play..6/???+++

/ tomorrow::: EE mature-older- NATALY, HELEN with Giant Melons- 36 GGG/


please call ------------------ 905 457 8256 ----------------------

or visit at us-- 351 PARKHURST SQ # 24__LAST__CORNER__UNIT 24 !

very conveniently and private located --- STEELES E / AIRPORT Rd

o n l y 5 min from PEARSON Airport, Mississauga, North York, Oakville...etc..

for more info please check our website ---www.westdrivespa.net

-----------------------------------------------and --- LeoList.ca / Brampton/

Lic. BODY RUB PARLOR - since - 1995-