Hey hey All,

So here we are in 2019 and I hope you all had an incredible 2018 as we surely did! It’s been just over two years now for VIPFavours and so many amazing things have happened, and with that comes a lot of planning about direction and longevity for any company. For two years we’ve had VIPFavours be a free open source of advertising, we covered our costs with featured ads that select providers used. In April as you all know the industry changed drastically, we grew almost 10x overnight. This increased our costs beyond belief, yet we worked hard to maintain our original outlook on charging. It’s come time to be realistic and adapt to the market, as so many of you had to do at that time. So as of January 11th, 2019 our system will no longer be free but have a fee associated with it for 30 days - a monthly subscription if you will. Here’s the reasons we decided to go down this path:

1: Without the fee, providers tend to put less effort into maintenance of their profile and schedule. This caused us to have to do a lot of that maintenance and we feel the fee will promote more effort and thus lead to better quality profiles on the site.

2: Without the fee, fake profiles and junk in general run rampant and take tons of our time to again maintain a clean and useful site. I can’t tell you how many times I removed a profile and blocked an email only to have that same profile added 10 minutes later - because all it took for them was a different email. The fee should keep these time wasters away.

3: Overall quality and professionalism is expected to be higher which in turn makes VIPFavours a more useful and desirable search tool for clientele. With less junk(for lack of a better word) the site should become easier to navigate and find their desired companion. On top of that they should generally be of higher quality, which increases appeal to use the site again.

4: With all of these points this should mean more opportunities and clients for the discerning and reputable provider which in turn makes up for the change in expense.

As for our clientele that use VIPFavours, this change should make VIP easier to maintain as a cleaner more reliable source of Incredible Verified Providers.

To all providers reading this, we’ll be sending out an email in the next few days covering all the changes going on and what’s to come in 2019. In a further effort to clean up the site we’ve wiped all “Recurring” schedules, so please make sure to update your profile immediately if you were using the Recurring system.