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Thread: DVD Help please?

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    DVD Help please?


    Totally stupid question, but here goes. Got a new laptop, and have an external DVD drive. Figured out that I need to download a program to watch them. I have used VLC in the past. Just wondering if there are any other better choices out there? Thanks!

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    VLC is still my go-to

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    I don't know if it is better or worse than VLC, but I have been using media player classic for years.

    Question: What program do you use to download videos from the Internet? I use a couple of programs but one of them won't download videos with nudity.

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    I use BitTorrent if that is what you are asking about?

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    Did the external drive come with the laptop or did you buy it afterwards? If it came with the laptop then there should already be DVD software like CyberLink PowerDVD installed on your laptop. If you bought the drive afterwards, then the DVD player software might come on an installation disc.

    In this day and age, you can almost get away without a DVD drive in your computer because you can rent or buy movies digitally from Google Play and iTunes. The same goes for just about all software or games. No discs to store or return.

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    I use CCCP, but the site is down..

    It stands for Combined Community Codec Pack.

    It will then let you use Windows Media player, or the old style one it comes with, plays everything, including DVD's..

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    fml people still use these archaic technologies

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