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Thread: Arden Wu: Asian Canadian Bedroom Angel - Come to Me ❀ Playful GFE

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    Lightbulb Arden Wu: Asian Canadian Bedroom Angel - Come to Me ❀ Playful GFE

    Arden Wu: Your Favourite Melody
    Behind Closed Doors, I Can Make Your Heart Sing

    What makes your heart skip a beat?
    Is it locking eyes with a pretty young woman while making your way through the busy streets of Toronto?
    Or is it catching a devilish smirk when you accidentally bump into her at the coffee shop? You have thought
    a lot about being with someone like me: bookish, sensual, but most importantly: I am one hell of a cool girl.

    Release your body to the best...
    As a companion, I am driven by curiousity and a desire to leave you stimulated on multiple levels. You can expect
    nothing but my undivided attention and passion when we are together. Whether it is our first or fifth encounter,
    I am motivated to give you an experience that will leave you wanting for me. Let my wild brown eyes, long thick
    hair and playful nature draw you in. You will stay for the deep conversations we will have, the fiery memories we
    will make together. Every moment - from the second you get in touch with me, to the songs I select
    for our time together, to when we kiss goodbye - will be worth it.
    Personal Details
    Age: Mid 20s
    Background: Chinese born Canadian
    Languages spoken: English ... alright Cantonese
    Hair: Long, brown and wavy
    Physical: 36B / 5'4" / Long, wavy brown hair / Tattooed

    I enjoy the crackle of vinyl, funky sour beers, cycling in and out of the city, and light kisses around the
    neck area. A bit shy at first, I warm up easily and when we are together, I ooze warmth and compassion.
    I love to chat -- about pretty much anything! But nothing gets me off more than discovering mutual interests
    and passions, whether it be urbanism, food, music, or art. You will have just as much fun talking to me on top
    of play time.

    Booking Details
    I lead a busy life on top of seeing friends, prebooking is always encouraged and screening is mandatory.
    Last minute dates are very difficult to arrange. For more info, read on here.
    If you are ready to arrange a date, send me a note via your preferred method of communication with the following information:
    name, phone number, preferred date and length of meeting, and references!!! .

    Contact Details
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone (txt only): 647-503-6210

    TERB Rates are in brackets, to qualify you must state your handle when booking.

    1 hour - 350 (300)
    1.5 hours - 500 (450) *recommended for new friends
    2 hours - 650 (600)
    3 hours - 900 (850) *an eternal favourite
    4 hours - 1100

    Lust for Life --900
    4 hour date with 2 hour dinner and 2 hour of play time (at mine or yours)

    Each additional hour is 250/hour
    Please state your TERB handle to qualify for the TERB rate.
    Outcall dates are available to hotels and downtown residences only.
    Incall: Downtown Toronto - Financial District, Entertainment District, West Queen West.
    xoxo AW

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    booking for wednesday - thursday
    available friday afternoon.

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