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Thread: Jenna Hybrid MA Review 613-914-7770

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    Jenna Hybrid MA Review 613-914-7770

    Note: the pictures above aren't really a accurate representation of her. They are her pictures but to me they are too vague/unclear. Jenna in person is much prettier.

    1.0 Provider
    Name: Jenna
    Phone number: 6139147770
    Other number(s):
    LeoList link:
    ListCrawler link:
    VIPfavour link:
    Alternative link:
    (provide all that you can)

    2.0 Contributor
    Month/Year of the experience:
    Pure TOFTT or intel existed?: TOFTT
    First time seeing her or repeat: Repeat

    3.0 Introduction: --->
    (what lead you to book her) Hybrid service

    4.0 Provider's Pictures
    Proof pic (# written on paper): No
    Pix are hers: Yes, to a degree. I think one of it could be fake. But the body pics are hers.
    Representative pix:

    5.0 Provider's General Information
    Age (stated and looks): 27 to 30
    Languages (spoken, fluent): English
    From which City: North of Ottawa
    Background(country, continent): Canadian/Native
    Will visit she visit Ottawa again: Yes
    Quickness of reply to texts: Good
    Texting content quality: Good
    Any signs of a pimp/handler around: NO
    Something unusual/different: No
    Other thread links:
    Other Forum links:

    6.0 Provider's Body Stats
    Height (stated and looks): 5'5
    Weight (stated and looks): 130 lbs
    Wearing what: Bikini
    Her body type: Slim and average but with a round booty. Her booty pops can't miss it.
    Gym/tone-ness: No
    Tummy (description): Flat
    Legs (description): Curvy and slim
    Face (eyes, skin, description): Beautiful late 20s GND look
    Lips (size, description):
    Hair (length, description): Long Black Hair
    Tattoos (description, location): None observed
    Piercings (description, location): None
    Tits (natural/fake): Natural
    Tits (size): 34 D
    Tits (description, feel): very smooth and soft, not saggy
    Areolas (size, shade):
    Nipples (size):
    Ass (size):
    Ass (shape): Round, curvy and very firm butt, it's about perfect for her height and weight.
    Ass (feel, description): Very nice and smooth
    Pussy (hair/bald): bald and wet
    Clit (size):
    Libias (size):

    7.0 Provider's Personality Stats
    Reserved/quiet or talkative: She goes with the flow. During massage she will engage in a friendly conversation.
    Personality/behavior: Very open minded personality. Very easy going.
    Drama-free and at ease?: No drama
    Overall interaction: Excellent
    Party girl: NA
    Alcohol Preferred: NA
    Weed smoker: NA

    8.0 Description of services
    What's her restrictions: Greek, BBFS, CIM, BBBJ,
    Which services were delivered: cfs, cbj, massage, dfk, cob, daty, dato
    lfk/dfk/none: She gave me dfk but I think thats because we were on par with chemistry. Your first time with her might be lfk but if you are nice, she can get very passionate with you.
    kissing (score our of 10): 8
    cbj/bbbj/none: cbj
    bj sloppy/spitting: sloppy
    bj deepthroat: dt
    bj (score out of 10): 8 and not mechanical
    balls licking/sucking: no
    daty: Yes
    dato: Yes
    Titty fucking: Yes, don't worry, you won't have to ask
    Multiple Positions: Yes
    More than 1 shot: Yes
    Squirt: No
    Anal: No, but she can tease you with it.
    How did you cum: cic/coy/cob/coa/cof/cim/sw: cob
    (condom, yourself, boob, ass, face, mouth, swallow)
    Massage (available, offered, quality):
    Handjob skills, technique, score out of 10: 9, she can jerk your days while dirty talking
    Use of lube: Yes
    Slutty role-playing: Yes
    Dirty talking: Yes, she will start creating a fantasy of what you enjoy during the fucks to turn you on more
    Vocal/moaning: Yes
    Services were as promised: Yes
    YMMV or not: No
    Rate (hh, hr): 200/h
    Upcharge(s) for some services: No
    Accommodating to requests: Yes
    (when you ask for different positions for example)
    Mechanical process: No
    Clock-watcher: Not at all. I felt like I was there for almost 2 hours!
    Does she have a duo partner: No
    Does she have a set regular schedule: I believe mon to fri 10am to 6pm. Her schedule fluctuates.

    9.0 Location stats
    Approximate location: Off the highway from pinecrest
    Setting (hotel, spa, pvt res, etc): Private residence
    Tidy place: Yes
    Bed condition (size, sturdiness): Neat
    Lighting: Dim
    Music: Yes
    Shower: Yes
    Mouth rise and soaps available: Yes
    Parking: Off street
    Any animal present: No
    Please contribute this location in the {NCR SS}

    10.0 Overall ratings out of 10
    Write beside the scores what made her lose points (in your view)
    Face (0-10): 8
    Body (0-10): 8.5
    Overall look (0-10): 8.5
    Personality/Attitude (0-10): 10
    Service (0-10): 9.5
    Rates (0-10):
    Location (0-10): 10 very discrete in the west end
    Overall Experience (0-10): 9.5
    Value for money (0-10): 10

    11.0 The main Good Points: ---> Very enthusiastic during fucks and she wants to cum with you multiple times. So the horny you are, the better. No clock watching whatsoever!

    12.0 The Main Bad Points: ---> Far west end location but still very discrete. I think she has a nice pretty face, but I can understand if people would think YMMV.

    13.0 Summary of Experience: ---> Her massage isn't what you would call professional but she knows her stuff better than any SPs off Leolist. Overall if you really click with her, she can fuck you for days. She likes the company of her guests and enjoys what she does. Very nice attitude, no rush. She is also a very clean girl. No smell whatsoever, and she will jump in the shower with you after session.

    14.0 Repeat?: ---> Yes

    15.0 Recommend?: ---> YES
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    Another thanks, PC.
    This review has made me realize I need to start viewing the MA section on LL considering she lists her SP rates right on her ad and physically she reminds of the person I enjoy seeing most often as she has a slim build with back pockets that pop. If she is better looking in person I can't wait to lay eyes on her and enjoy her service.

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    Jenna has been reviewed here before a bunch of times. I think I might have reviewed her. She was an MA at AT/P, then went indie. She started using borrowed pics which was not appreciated by some. The first two pics above are her. The next two I'm not so sure. It has been years since I've seen her but I did repeat with her. Thanks for the reco.

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    Enjoyed an amazing session with Jenna today - have to agree with everything that PC posted. She's a wonderful, smart, sensual girl that absolutely loves to please. Her condo place is easily accessible, visitor parking is available and she welcomes you into a warm, cozy environment - very appreciated on a cool winter day. I won't delve into great detail but our time went by very quickly and I left with a huge smile that lasted for hours. Repeat? For sure.

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    Wow, I like this review I might give it a go and report back.

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    As far as I can tell, the three pictures from the OP are the only ones that might be her. The other 5 or so shots she have are 100% someone else's. Still, the reviews are good and she is relatively close to me so will have to give her a try.

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    She's a busy girl. Fam life and double job. Patience.

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    Poultry are right my friend. I have deleted my comment to be fair to the hardworking girl. She did get back to me and mentioned the same. Looks like i was getting desperate..she has been providing required information as soon as she got free from her engagements, it shows her sincerity and builds further on her reviews above ... All the best to her...

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