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    PVR Question

    I no longer have a video capture card for my PC and am desperate to get about a 100 episodes off of my Bell Fibe PVR of one of my favourite shows. These arenít available on DVD so I really donít want to lose them. Do any of you have a miraculous solution? Pretty please with whipped cream on top?

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    Its easy, but it will cost you a free session for each episode

    Actually it's not easy as the video files are encrypted...and you are right, you need to play the video and record them to your computer via what you don't have...."A capture card".

    So sorry I couldn't have been more help Amy
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    Hi, I have an external device that captures to a removable USB Key (64GB formated in NTFS). No computer needed for capturing, only for editing.


    Video max( 1080p x264 @ 10Mbit/s)
    Audio (aac 2 Channels @ 192Kbit/s)
    MP4 container.

    I bought the previous version of the product below, about two years ago and it is quite decent for my needs. It cost me about $120US.

    It comes with a HDMI cable that decrypts copy protected streams. You just have to plug the included cable on a HDMI output port of a device (PVR, SetTopBox, DVD player, Game Console, etc) and it records both Audio and Video from the same cable.

    I uploaded a sample from a recording that I made a while ago.

    Sample is 1m31s 111MB (1080p)!63wHiKxQ!O0JuAheoo...FKZm3oyIc6F2o8

    You will probably need video tools to cut the video if necessary (remove commercials, etc...). The list below are the ones I use and they are freeware or OpenSource.




    Hope it helps.

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    Awwwww thank you so much!!! Boatloads of kisses for everybody!!

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    Rather than using a video capture card within a PC, there are a number of standalone or temporary options available today.

    A USB-based option was mentioned above.

    Or, my current go-to is the "Hauppauge PVR Rocket", which will record from High-def component inputs among other options, onto a USB stick, and you can then process the recorded video with tools such as AviDemux
    Unfortunately, it is difficult to find that particular device in Canada these days.

    There are similar devices on Amazon

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    "Do any of you have a miraculous solution? Pretty please with whipped cream on top?"

    Can't fathom any of the techie nerdy stuff. But can come with the whipped cream. Who knows; it might provide a miraculous solution. Cheers.

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    Hehehe imma gobble up all your cream!

    I picked up the HDMI-Cloner box from my mailbox today and tested it. Oooooh the video captured is of amazing quality. I’m sooooooo happy! Thank you very very much!!

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