I have free time this week and things went well a few weeks ago when I peeked out from my "semi retirement" so I thought I'd peek out again

I am going to be heading to both Mississauga and Markham.

I haven't been to Mississauga since April but I couldn't get two consecutive days so I apologise that my schedule is a bit wonky.

Here my availability:

Wednesday: Mississauga (Dixie and Eglinton) 6:30pm-11:30ish

Thursday: Mississauga 9am-1pm then Markham: after 6pm

Friday: day and evening in Markham

Saturday 9:30-1 in Markham then after 3 in Mississauga

Sunday: 9:30-2 in Mississauga

During my "hiatus" my website went down, and I haven't gotten it back up yet.

For those who know me, I haven't changed. I can send pictures and session info to anyone who doesn't know me

Email: [email protected]
Text or call: (416)556-6520

Happy Tuesday!