Angel’s Touch Schedule November 9th to November 11th, 2018

Friday's Schedule
Chanel 9-4, Carmella 9-4, Fantasia 9-4, Mina 9-5, Ivory 9:30-4, Olivia 2-9, Maya 4-11, Ivory 4-11,
Marilyn 4-11, Angelica 4-11

Saturday's Schedule
Chanel 9-4, Carmella 9-4, Ivory 9-4, Maya 2-11, Ivory 4-11, Brielle 4-11
Sunday's Schedule
Sasha 10-4, Marilyn 10-4, Summer 10-4, Angelica 10-4, Maya 2-9, Sasha 4-9, Marilyn 4-9, Kelsey 4-9

Paradise Spa Schedule November 9th to November 11th, 2018

Friday's Schedule
Champagne 9-2, Ocean 9-3, Robyn 9-3, Summer 9-4, Alinah 9-4, SabrinaR 10-2:30, Juana 10-3,Angelica 11-4,
Nadia 12-4, Kandi 2-11, Brielle 2:30-11, Riley 3-11, Cherry 3:30-9, Britney 4-11, Skye 4-11 (T) Lucy 4-11,
Julia 4-11, Nadia 4-11, Kelsey 6-11

Saturday's Schedule
Mina 9-4, Marilyn 9-4, Lexis 9-4, Alinah 9-4:30, Lucy 9-5, Julia 9-5, Adrianna 10-3:30, Hunter 3-11,
Lexis 4-11, Britney 4-11, Mina 4-11, Marilyn 4-11

Sunday's Schedule
Lexis 12-4, Riley 12-4, Layla 12-4, Kim 12-4, Brooke 12-4, Mina 12-4, Brielle 12-4, Lexis 4-9, Farrah 4-9,
Riley 4-9, Layla 4-9, Kim 4-9, Mina 4-9, Brielle 4-9

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Pictures of all our Massage Attendants
**Pre Booking is always recommended to ensure you get to visit with the MA of your choice, but walk ins are accepted**

At Paradise Spa (613-820-8887) & Angel's Touch Massage (613-274-7073) we pride ourselves on having the best talent Ottawa has to offer. All of our Massage Attendants are thoroughly trained by a Massage therapist, we offer a variety of beautiful Massage Attendants to appeal to your taste, and we only hire woman who are passionate about the art and sensuality of massage.

Both of our upscale locations offer showers, complete with hand held jets. Wall to wall mirrors so you get a great view of your... surroundings. Clean towels, Body Wash, a receptionist and stripper poles (yes you can even request a sexy dance show). Our paradise location even has a warm and inviting Jacuzzi so you can really relax after the excitement of your massage.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a trip into either of our locations today, select from one of 40 +beautiful Massage Attendants we have on staff, and truly allow yourself to melt into a world of sheer relaxation.

** Paradise Spa is located at 1902 Robertson Road**
**Angel's Touch Massage is located at 65 Bentley Ave**