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Thread: Any review ....she cant send proof

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    Mmmm. Looking kinda sketchy IMO.
    Why can't she send proof?

    I can't find any photo hits, but my search skills suck.
    Michigan phone #
    Han, ma bukee. Bargon yanah coto da eetha. See fah luto twentee, ee yaba...
    Han, my boy, you're the best.
    So, for an extra twenty percent...

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    I'm pretty sure that's Madison Ivy. @Madison420Ivy

    You might remember her from such films as Pornstar Paradise and Office Booty. If you're lucky she will be seated next to you on your next flight:

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    If she cant send proof it's not her.
    For the love of God, let the baby ride the dog.

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    Don't bother asking for proof, they are pics of Madison Ivy. They can all be found on her IG.

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    no proof should be an automatic call to move on to the next girl on your list. hobby is too expensive as it is to get bogged down with fake nonsense.

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