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Thread: Ms Amy in Ottawa Is a Thief...BEWARE!

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    She changed her name to Cassidy CJ in today's post in LL

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnorthodoxChris View Post
    This girl is an obvious crack head, I saw her twice, once almost a year ago and once recently. Her condition has degraded significantly and an obvious sign of hard drug use to anyone who has seen those types of people.

    What is worse is she offered bbfs and asked to be eaten out. She did not offer this during my visit a year ago. This was also very unsettling so I chose to leave.

    It's so hilarious I see people defending and trying to give providers a benefit of a doubt. Like yes we get it not all of them are bad but, how fucking lonely are you guys that you have to white knight someone who would rob you without a second thought?

    Yeah definitely avoid her.
    In all fairness, I wasn't defending her, just reporting what happened which was not bad. However based on these additional reviews, I would not go back to her. I don't like any risk of drugs -- the health risk plus the unpredictable behaviour is too much for me.

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