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Thread: Review: Bonnie at ALO

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    Thumbs up Review: Bonnie at ALO

    I’m generally not a fan of training duos (the last one was over 2 years ago at another spa chain and it was awkward and weird. In the end the trainee quit at the end of her shift and never returned so I guess it was not her thing lol).

    Today was different. Browsing through twitter I saw Harley’s post about Bonnie who’s training with one of my favorite Ma, Lea, so why not right?

    Her pics on the ALO website are really nice. She also shows her face, which is beautiful IMHO. Body is just perfect for my tastes and she seems to exude a Mediterranean vibe.

    The session with these two hotties was, in a word...mindblowing. I normally prefer to see Lea solo as we’ve built a long, trusting relationship and I appreciate her trusting me enough to let her inhibitions go a little, so I admit I was worried she’d be a bit more reserved with Bonnie present. Well, In fact I think Lea and I both corrupted the newbie

    Every thing was as GFE as a pair of young, hot MAs can get and I also enjoyed laying back and letting them go to town on me. Despite this being her first day Bonnie was confident and really made her presence known. I think I may have found a new favorite. They were minimally interactive focusing instead on my pleasure.

    Time went way too quickly and before I knew it we were done.

    A quick shower and goodbye kiss sealed the deal of me repeating with both either individually or alone in the very near future.

    Enjoy guys.

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    I just keep getting more and more impressed with your prolific adventures!

    Keep it up and keep telling us about it know how it goes, use it or lose it! Haha!

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    Have not enjoyed the company of Bonnie; but, I can honestly say that Lea is amazing!

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    I had a great time with Bonnie this afternoon. She has what I would describe
    as a voluptuous shape and she is quite talented. I would happily visit her again


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    I recently had an OK session with Bonnie. She is young, sweet, very attractive and attentive. Absolutely. For sure.

    But I would not characterize the session I had with Bonnie, as highly have others on this thread, nor as highly as I have for some other of ALO's MPs. Perhaps it is all about a lack of a great connection. It happens.

    I had the less than good fortune of seeing Bonnie near the end of a long day for her, so it is likely that she was quite tired. I can not know for sure. But I can say that she shared some of her initial impressions/experiences of the massage business with me (she is quite new at this) and I conclude that she is not all that happy about it, despite it being quite lucrative for her. In other words, when commenting about the activity/business itself (not the income), she has so far not been all that impressed. A bit of a downer to hear all this during a session.

    Perhaps I need to visit her again earlier in the day!

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    Just had a session with Bonnie. I give it a 10/10!
    She’s really pretty with a great body! She gets into it and is super sweet and sexy.

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    How is her body type? is she tall?

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