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Thread: Any Thinkpad Collectors?

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    Any Thinkpad Collectors?

    Just bought my first t410 recently, a mighty brick.
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    Have 2 X250's and 2 T470's.

    Had a 755CD, was a mean machine back in the early 90's.
    Then a T420s, amazing machine, then a T430.

    Love my Thinkpads.

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    T30 T60P T430 and now a E580. And I still have them all. They are the best, all the rest are toys.
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    T40P T60P T420 X120e X1 carbon 1st gen x270. Now I am using a X390. Just got it about a month or so ago now. I handed all of my older computers down to friends and family.

    Over the years I am not particularly fond of lenovo making changes that make our devices less upgradable in favour of portability. I was hoping they would stray from the pack in that regard.

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    I also forgot I had the pleasure of working for IBM @ one point supporting them...

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    Now have added a T520. With an ssd and arch on it its quite fast for being 7 years old and costing a total of ~$300.
    I can't imagine myself paying the premium for new laptops that are near 1.5k.

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    Count me as a fan of their Workstation Laptops. Expensive, especially with the full warranty (which is great when you need it). $4K+ is my budget. I’ve also had lesser Lenovo machines for wife and kids.
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