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Thread: 'The Last Dance'

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    'The Last Dance'

    Globe and Mail analysis of "why the Canadian strip club is a dying institution".
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    Very sad commentary. I think though the SC scene will last longer here in O-town, the local politicians are not as militant as other cities or perhaps have bigger fishes to fry. I am surprised at the resilience of our local bars (despite numerous rumours of imminent closures, for example, Barbs), apart from the Silver Dollar (which was a dive anyways), the SCs are trudging on and are not going anywhere soon.

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    Sad the Dollar closed, it was convenient if you lived west. We have the two places in Hull and the Playmate for sure those won't close. Barbarellas is an unknown though and the Fax, well I guess if they havent closed it yet then they wont. There is also the Nuden which must get all the blue collar trade. We should be good her for strip bars for quite a long time

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