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Thread: Terb's Guide for SC Newcomers

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    Terb's Guide for SC Newcomers

    Hey all,

    To try to get this section a bit more active, and also after seeing a few SC newcomers around (i.e. someone PM'd me asking for recos for a club that gives free lap dances lol), thought it would be fun for us to generate a list of tips/things to consider for customers who are new to SCs.

    Some ideas:

    1) What should they know before going in?
    2) What should they avoid doing while at a SC?
    3) How can a newcomer avoid many of the trappings of a SC? Or should they?
    4) What should a newcomer's mindset be going in?

    I also encourage dancer participation and input to this thread as well!


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    One of the best pieces of advice to give a "newcomer" is concisely spelled out in your handle, WtS.

    Be polite, respectful, patient (if interested in a particular lady in the club who seems to be busy a lot of the time) and informed. Get a sense of what one might expect at various clubs at various times - a lot of info could be gleaned by browsing this forum for those who are not too lazy or impatient to do so.

    Above all, if one has decided beforehand not to engage in CR visits, don't allow a dancer to think that one might. A brief, direct comment to the effect that one is not planning CR visits, or at least not on that particular occasion, strikes me as the only fair approach to take.

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    Here is a piece I wrote a while ago that still gets a lot of use.
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    be a gentleman
    understand that they are at work, don't waste their time.

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    Great posts so far.

    A few tips to have an enjoyable time at a SC:

    1) Treat everyone with a high level of respect. It is so rare in SCs, you will be greatly appreciated for it. Display common decency which can be interpreted through how you dress, smell, communicate, and interact with everyone in the establishment. If you are looking like you just came off an oil field, you're doing it wrong.
    2) Do not think you're "better" because you're a customer. Everyone can sense it, and it will effect your experience. Just be normal.
    3) The dancers aren't into you which at the end of the day doesn't matter because there is a middle ground where good conversations and times can be had. Don't go into a SC thinking you'll leave with a girlfriend - won't happen.
    4) Have control over your reality - be aware of all elements in the club and how that may effect your experience. Do not let your emotions, views, drinking habits effect your behaviour to the point it gets you into trouble. For example: you are in a conversation with a dancer and you feel adamant about your position. In the real world, you may aggressively argue for your position, but for the sake of the flow of the conversation, concede and go onto the next topic.
    5) Understand there is a flow to conversations in a club. Realize when a dancer is signaling to you they don't want to talk about a particular topic and pivot from it.
    6) Beware that there are scams in the club - do not reward scammers. Take note, don't cause a scene, and don't reward it in the future.
    7) Don't evade the comfort zone of the dancer in the back. Comfort zones are established either verbally from the dancer (ask), or through your experience with the dancer over time. Don't assume all dancers have the same comfort zones.
    8) Be upfront about your intentions when a dancer approaches your table. Don't start talking to them if you won't be taking them to the back. Or communicate that you are 1) waiting for someone else 2) just having a drink before leaving. If they choose to stay at your table, than at least your intentions have been transparent and you have not mislead them.
    9) Dancers enjoy compliments, be perceptive and considerate - perhaps they have done their hair or worn something specifically because they know that you enjoy that.
    10) A more general principle: I don't believe in Karma in the real world as much as I do in a SC. Your actions have reactions, and they are quite immediate. The more good you put into the environment, the more likely you will receive a good experience. Lastly, as RD has mentioned, have realistic expectations on your overall experience.

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    What are the scams you speak of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swood View Post
    What are the scams you speak of?
    A common example is when a girl lies about the number of songs, saying it's been 7 songs when it's really been 4 or 5. Also some girls will start as soon as you get in the booth and count the first half-song (sometimes even less than half) as a full one.

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