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Thread: OMG!! Sayori @ ALO

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    OMG!! Sayori @ ALO

    Here I am almost a week after a session with Sayori at ALO, and my head is still spinning from the awesome visit. What can I say?

    Sayori is:
    - awesomely shapely (tall, wide hips, narrow waist, soft and responsive B-cups)
    - very cute and with a very round face
    - world's best kisser
    - attentive to your every movement
    - pretty young if you like young (I am guessing about 20 or 21 years old)
    - did I say Asian? for those who are into our friends on the other side of the Pacific
    - perfect English,
    - smart
    - a totally genuine warm person, a bit shy
    - not a clock watcher

    Sayori gives a nice massage but if she has one small drawback, I would have to say that others have been known to give a slightly better massage. This is not a complaint, rather I am trying to not sound as though I am fully smitten or shilling so I am looking for something to say that is less than 150% positive. :-)

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    Great review Hotchilly. Don't forget to vote for her in the GFE MA list

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    She was, for a short time, with CMJ last month or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuran View Post
    She was, for a short time, with CMJ last month or so.
    from her twitter pics HOWEVER, i'd say she's denfi in late 20s or over 30s. no offense LOL

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