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    Scarlett @ ALO

    Scarlett @ ALO

    Scarlett greeted me with a bright smile on a pretty face, with her sexy curves filling out a snug fitting top and ass hugging shorts. She was very friendly and talkative, so in a very short time I began to feel comfortable with her. Her personality is fun, playful, and very open, along with a great deal of empathy and compassion. I suspect her personality is a big factor in why she chose an academic program focused on helping and supporting people. I felt very comfortable opening with about myself, and she responded with kindness and acceptance. So we sat on the bed chatted about our day, school for her, and work for me. Eventually we got around to discussing our plans for the rest of the hour long session.

    We undressed and snuggled up for cuddles and caresses. Scarlett was open to a reverse massage, so I started with her on her stomach, and applied some oil to her back, ass, and legs. I rubbed her back briefly, but just couldn't resist moving downward, sliding my hands all over her full round ass. Such a nice ass! I continued down to rub her thighs, and Scarlett slowly opened her legs providing me with delightful view of her pinkness. So I applied a little oil, and slowly massaged the soft folds between her legs. She seemed to particularly enjoy it when I gently circled the pads of my fingers over a particularly firm spot! Scarlett slowly wriggled under my touches and breathed with the soft sounds of pleasure. She rolled onto her back giving me a spectacular view of her curvy body. I applied the oil to her full, soft, breasts, stomach, and worked my way downward. The view was again very pink and spectacular!

    I moved up to lay down beside her, and asked her for some manual 69 time. She looked in my eye, smiled, and positioned herself above me. We massaged each other enthusiastically, and rocked our hips in time with each others hands. Scarlett has a good sense of timing and rhythm that felt oh so good. Her soft moans began to grow louder, and she moved with even more intensity, so I suspected something was about to happen. A burst and then a gush of sweet warm liquid splashed around my hand, all over my face, and into my mouth! I love it! I totally fucking love it!. When Scarlett was finished, she relaxed herself, and then focused on me until I was also fully relaxed. Then we lay together for a while, cuddling, caressing, and talking while she lay upon me.

    Talking, cuddling, and a sense of affection are the keys to a gfe session for me. My time with Scarlett was wonderful! Even days afterwards, when I think back upon our session, I feel so good. She gave me memories which lift my emotions, and help me feel good about life.

    Thanks so much Scarlett. xoxo

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