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Thread: REVIEW: Duo with Alixx and Kaydence

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    REVIEW: Duo with Alixx and Kaydence


    Saw Alixx and Kaydence for a blessed duo on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Alixx was only in town for the day but she's graced Durham on and off for a few years now. I don't think she remembered me, but I had a one-on-one with her a couple of years back. Didn't review her at the time, not sure why.

    Anyway, I was drawn in to this duo by a few irresistible factors.

    1. Duos are awesome
    2. I knew Alixx was a great provider already
    3. $160/hh for a duo

    Considering Alixx was offering a solo hh for $100, I couldn't turn down a deal like that.

    So away I go after some friendly texting and timing arrangements. The session was, of course, at a comfortable hotel near Oshawa GO.

    [SIDE NOTE - As I was driving around the parking lot of the hotel, I glanced over in to one of the sliding glass doors of a room and I saw a young (early 20s) Asian girl in a cheap Sailor Moon costume behind the glass adjusting the blinds. We both gave each other huge double takes as I drove by. She was young and attractive for an Asian provider in Durham, so if anyone had a session with dollar store Sailor Moon on Wednesday, you just go ahead and post her info in this thread]

    Alixx was unfortunately slow to send the room number and kept me waiting until 7 minutes after session start. Blamed it on phone being on silent (sure). But up I went and Kaydence opened the door. They were both in sexy one-piece lingerie. I was immediately whisked into a flurry of DFK and tits. I was barely given time to gets my lothes off and money on the table before they put me on the bed and Alixx was smothering me in her massive tits while Kaydence applied a condom with her mouth and went to town. Alixx joined her soon after for some double head - a favourite sight of mine - before I moved to doggy with Alixx. I was already hyper sensitive because Kayden had given me the fast and furious BJ treatment, so I had to fight to control myself. I wasn't leaving this room without having been inside both of them.

    After a while of that, we moved to me on my back, Alixx's pussy in my face, and Kaydence sucking and then riding me. She rotated to reverse cowgirl up on her feet and I didn't last much longer after that.

    The positives

    - It was a very PSE time. Both girls talked dirty the entire time with pornstar lines and enthusiasm. I usually hate that shit when it gets too fake but when you've got your cock in one girl and your tongue in another, you'll listen to just about anything and like it. It was also miles better than the silence you often get from these girls. It was exactly what you'd hope for out of a paid-for threesome
    - Alixx has put on a decent amount of weight since I saw her last (she was never rail thin). But it really works for her if you're in to that sort of thing. Her ass is huge and firm, skin is soft, and her tits are big and round and not saggy. Olive skinned girls have all the luck sometimes. Kaydence was the more sex-crazy girl of the two but I had all eyes on Alixx.
    - Interactive duo. It could have been more interactive, but while I was undressing, they were getting familiar with each other.

    The negatives
    There weren't many negatives, but here they are
    - Waiting in the parking lot for 7 minutes past start time is always bullshit. You feel like you're chum floating in the water for LE
    - I'm pretty certain their goal was to get me in, get me off, and get me out as fast as possible. They were working at full speed the entire time. You know what, though? For $160, I didn't even care. I understood, even. If I had dropped $240 or something more reasonable for a duo of their calibre, I would have been pissed
    - Alixx quoted BBBJ in her text, I'm pretty sure, but the dome went on immediately. I actually felt like Alixx was distracting me by shoving her huge, gorgeous breasts in my face so I wouldn't notice Kaydence applying the dome with her mouth. I knew, but it was pretty slick nonetheless.

    If you find this duo passing through town again, highly recommend. Try it before the price goes up!

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    Thanks for the review...always entertaining.

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    Thanks wantsome.

    Going to take some selfish liberty here and decry the lack of response or views on this review. I don't want to see this board be reduced to an "anybody seen" and "where did she go?" board. So boring.

    Am I just writing the most boring-ass reviews? Nobody wants this level of detail? Or I just suck at writing? Sorry to be all woe-is-me, I just want to ensure the time I'm putting in to these reviews is time well spent.

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    Thanks Jack review is appreciated and will heed your advice and partake when they are back and offering. Would add my own reviews of Durham ladies but most have been reviewed already. Keep up gods work

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    Ive seen Alixx alone in the past, experience was pretty mediocre. She rushes you the moment the dome goes on saying like "cum for me baby" the instant you go inside her. She was really tight tho. But she did give me a pretty good bbbj for the 5 minuets it lasted. She defiantly put on some weight since her photos were taken. Looking back on it now i should have left but my little head was directing me that day.
    Shes ok if you have no other choice and need a quick one

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    Has anyone tried Duo Alida / Natasha at Pickering Angels?

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