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Thread: Review: Kandice at ALO

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    Thumbs up Review: Kandice at ALO

    ALO is on a good roll these days with the new locations, renovations to existing ones and the acquisition of new talent. Last night I was in the area and contacted Harley who recommended Kandice.

    I was a title hesitant since there were no pics on the site yet but apparently Veronica told her to tell me that Kandice was exactly my type, so like listening to a good sommelier I took her word for it.

    I was relieved when the small redhead who opened the door turned out to be super hot looking. Red (dyed) shoulder length hair, cute face, shy demeanour, 5’4”, about 110-120 lbs, small almost unnoticeable tattoos here and there, fit, tight/firm skin and perfectly proportioned 32 C’s. We hugged and LFK’d right away and she joined me in the shower where a little fun was had.

    On to the table afterwards and she treated me to a firm, enjoyable unrushed 60 min massage. In the conversation I leaned that it was only her first day and she has not yet built up any clientele. With her looks and technique, I don’t think it will take very long. She just started her twitter account too and has one pic posted yesterday so you can see for yourself what she looks like (@alokandice).

    The flip was really fun. I won’t go into details but I can say shes GFE all the way. Her body doesn’t lie, so I’m happy I was able to please her too . She was super shy and very giggly which I loved but when we were in the action her whimpering dirty talk really pushed the session into a whole other level for me. Wow.

    Overall I will summarize by:
    Looks: 9
    Attitude: 9
    Service: 8
    Repeat: Yes
    GFE: Yes
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    Now I'll have to put her on my list
    For the love of God, let the baby ride the dog.

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