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Thread: Review: Kandice at ALO

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    Thumbs up Review: Kandice at ALO

    ALO is on a good roll these days with the new locations, renovations to existing ones and the acquisition of new talent. Last night I was in the area and contacted Harley who recommended Kandice.

    I was a title hesitant since there were no pics on the site yet but apparently Veronica told her to tell me that Kandice was exactly my type, so like listening to a good sommelier I took her word for it.

    I was relieved when the small redhead who opened the door turned out to be super hot looking. Red (dyed) shoulder length hair, cute face, shy demeanour, 5’4”, about 110-120 lbs, small almost unnoticeable tattoos here and there, fit, tight/firm skin and perfectly proportioned 32 C’s. We hugged and LFK’d right away and she joined me in the shower where a little fun was had.

    On to the table afterwards and she treated me to a firm, enjoyable unrushed 60 min massage. In the conversation I leaned that it was only her first day and she has not yet built up any clientele. With her looks and technique, I don’t think it will take very long. She just started her twitter account too and has one pic posted yesterday so you can see for yourself what she looks like (@alokandice).

    The flip was really fun. I won’t go into details but I can say shes GFE all the way. Her body doesn’t lie, so I’m happy I was able to please her too . She was super shy and very giggly which I loved but when we were in the action her whimpering dirty talk really pushed the session into a whole other level for me. Wow.

    Overall I will summarize by:
    Looks: 9
    Attitude: 9
    Service: 8
    Repeat: Yes
    GFE: Yes
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    Now I'll have to put her on my list
    For the love of God, let the baby ride the dog.

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    Kandice Kavalli at ALO

    Kandice at ALO
    Twitter: @AloKandice
    Text: 438-803-4079

    April 2019

    I recently had the please to meet up with Kandice at ALO Bliss location. When I arrived Kandice gave me a friendly welcoming smile, and I immediately recognized her bright red hair from her ALO pictures. The long blue dress she wore nicely accentuated her narrow waist and generous booty. She gave me a hug and a sensual kiss, then held each other while chatting. I held her narrow waist as we chatted and my hands slowly wandered down over her ample bottom. My gentle squeeze discovered her dress was concealing a tight firm ass, and she slowly turned and rubbed her booty against me! Nice!

    Kandice guided me upstairs to large room with a double bed. Kandice undressed me, and I undressed her. My hands roamed and I discovered her skin was was very smooth and tight around her curves. Her perky Cs felt firm and natural. The firmness of her thick bottom and thighs was astounding! When I commented on how powerful her her ass felt she said me she was a long time skater, and then turned to give me a little standing Italian massage. Her ass was so fucking hard! I was too! We made our way to the shower and explored each other thoroughly as we washed. There were kisses, slippery fondling, and a little more Italian style fun.

    After drying ourselves we moved back to the bedroom. We fondled each other with slow gentle caresses. As our kisses and touches grew more sensual, so did Kandice's enthusiasm. We worked our way into position for some manual 69 fun. I grinned widely as her sexy ass swung into view! We massaged each other gently, slowly building enthusiasm as her folds grew moist. So slippery, and delicious!

    Kandice switched position to straddle my legs so I could watch her as she continued working on me. My body responded to her rhythmic motions, and my mind got caught up in her inspirational dirty talk. Fucking hot! I admired her breasts as they bounced in time with our rhythm, and we locked eyes as she tightened her grip. Kandice gave me a sexy naughty smile as she enthusiastically brought about a sensational release! Fuck yeah!

    After some cleanup, Kandice lay beside me and tenderly traced her fingers over my body. We chatted affectionately until it was time get dressed. She held my hand as we walked out, then said goodbye with more hugs and kisses. Thanks so much Kandice!
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    Nice review Kenobi. Kandice looks like a real babe. If you go on the link and click one pic back you get Victoria....ah sweet mammaries! ALO: THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Great review buddy I think I need to get back there and check out this Kandice.

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    When I saw Kandice I immediately realized there is a gap between her pictures on the site and her actual looks. Kandice was very nice to me within MA boundaries. Won'the repeat due to being fooled by ALO in this particular case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idalgo View Post
    When I saw Kandice I immediately realized there is a gap between her pictures on the site and her actual looks. Kandice was very nice to me within MA boundaries. Won'the repeat due to being fooled by ALO in this particular case.
    I saw Kandice this week and the pics are definitely her’s. Not sure what you’re talking about but she was a real sweetheart and fun. We were both kinda shy but I would repeat.

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