Had a chance to visit Lea at the new Bliss location. It's not done yet but the renovations are coming along nicely. The new location will definitely be an upgrade from the previous one and it should be really nice when all the renovations are complete.

Lea gave me a tour and then we tried out one of the new rooms. I have reviewed Lea before so I don't really have much to ad. All I can say is that Lea is absolutely amazing. I voted for her as top mp in the "Best mp of 2017" thread and she's got my vote for best of 2018 as well. IMHO, Lea is the best there is. I have seen her way too many times to count and every session is outstanding. The pics she posts on her twitter page (https://twitter.com/LEAxxoo) are very accurate but they can't capture how great she is in person. For that, you have to meet her.

Recommend: obviously
Repeat: every day if I could