The other day I noticed that ALO changed their twitter profile pic to one of this very sexy, modelesque brunette. I commented on their pic asking who it was and ALO responded that it was their newest MA Nikki. I’m a sucker for a hot body so I booked to see her today. I should also note that this week ALO is having a great special: I booked an hour with Steph couple of days ago for $70 door fee and today’s hour session was given at only $20 house fee. Definitely take advantage of this!

Nikki greeted me and she instantly recognized me from a previous session at her old spa. I actually couldn’t place her but once we started chatting I realized I did see her before and remembered we had a fun time. Today was the first time I had a chance to use their renovated smaller room with new shower big enough for two. She offered to take a shower with me but I knew she just had a shower herself so I declined for her sake (don’t want her to dry herself out with soap!). Onto the table I went and I enjoyed a nice massage. Not rmt firm but not uselessly soft. She’s got some mild tattoos and these gorgeous natural D’s which were hypnotic as they swung back and forth in front of my smiling face . Her pics are accurate but her hair is lighter brown and shorter.

She offered a full set of safe options for the finish which I took advantage of and I finished on time and happy with my experience. She’s a nice conversationist with her really cute French accent. We had a few laughs.
Repeat: yes.
GFE +1

Edit: I just realized there was another Ma at ALO with the same name, tho review is for the new Nikki (I added her profile link).