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Thread: Still Need Help? Post Your Questions Here!

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    Could someone please give me a link to a hobbying beginner’s guide and/or FAQ? I thought I remembered seeing one here but I can’t seem to find it..

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    I understand how to add a link to a post.

    My question: is it possible to post a link with title text? ie. so that the actual link is hidden, but can be accessed by clicking the title text for that link.

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    Can an updated how-to guide be put up for posting a thread on the agency sections along with contact info on how to get to post there (with costs). Thanks!

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    Hi there,

    I recently made this account with the intent to post adverts to the Web Development section. I purchased a one month support's subscription via the instant paypal transaction. After a few minutes of being able to post an ad, I was logged out and upon relogging on, I no longer had premissions to post new threads.

    Appreciate the help.

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    As a newcomer to the site I am trying to find my way around, is there a site tour or user guide?
    How do I post a review? Step by step for dummies please.

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    45 second wait between search is MUCH TOO LONG

    Please, Please decrease to ZERO or 5 seconds

    Waiting serves no purpose except to keep Terb members waiting needlessly.

    When searching a name or number it only takes 5 seconds. Why are we asked to wait for an additional 45 seconds?

    At this point I go to the Blue board to search with ZERO wait time between searches.


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    How do you go about changing your password? I don't see an option under profile or settings.

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    How do you bold the title of your advertisement?

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    It is automatically bolded until it is read.


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