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Thread: Mods deleting threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebro69 View Post
    Do they have the power? Cool!
    No but funny how some men think TERB does. Hahahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by very shy2 View Post
    Jessica, it's not that onerous to put together that list of 5 or even 10 reasons for deleting posts. When you delete a post a window pops up for the mod, he checks the appropriate box, presses send and off it goes to the poster.

    Not so tough, but very member friendly and could avoid a lot of messaging back and forth (making the mods even easier), as well as not upsetting someone who put though and effort into posting something of meaning to them.
    Are you a mod here? I mean I get it, I know how Vbulletin works, but do you realize all the back and forth that would happen. You think that most people would just read and say "ok, thanks!"

    I have moderated many boards, that is not what happens. Not at all. It creates more of a mess, more bullshit behind the scenes fighting with the mods, more posters then going to the admin because they don't like what the mod said in PM.

    This system has work for TERB for what??? Over 15 years???? I think they got the hang of it.

    Again, if you want something different, that will be more time comsuming in the long run, offer up some bucks to help. If not enjoy what you get for free. I can safely say that hundreds of men have saved themselves hundreds of dollars from this board.

    Stop complaining and enjoy, or move on to another board that works better for you. That is the simple point to all this.

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    It's not a democracy people. It's private property. They don't have to give you a reason.

    Don't repeat the post. Love on.
    It is my hope that Bernie Sanders will run as an independent candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

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    mods had deleted a couple of my threads. I didn't cry

    French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face. A pucker kiss involves only 2.

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    Being a mod on this site is an onerous mostly thankless task. It’s very complex and time consuming so be patient

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    Quote Originally Posted by franci View Post
    It would be helpful if you let the OP know why a post has been deleted.
    just tell them you understand why you were banned but you do not understand why the deleted your thread in the first place..

    Fathammer - theres gunna be drama every where u go
    isabelle - its always a pleasure seeing your posts lol. your spirit and sense of humor just brightens up ppls day !
    Quality Over Quantity; Always

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