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Thread: Tiffany/Savannah White is back tonight!

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    Yes, she is right about not responding when she is with her clients. Would any of you want her to do that during your session with her?
    By the way does she still ask you to park at a certain spot when you arrive at the hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbutyoung View Post
    I've found some of these girls don't book in advance and only take calls on the day of, which is not practical for me as I have to plan my play time. That sounds similar to your situation or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I'm curious how your attempt will turn out or if you even get a reply: that says a lot to me. Obviously, I'm also interested. Let us know how this turns out or I guess there might be a review? lol.
    Pre-planning is indeed a crapshoot. Texted Tiffany yesterday morning asking about a specific time in the afternoon and got a reply "should be good". Told her I'd confirm with her an hour ahead of time and at the appointed time and right up until the "should be good" time, I was ghosted.

    She did at least text sorry later.

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    Just to add my 5 cents, I have seen Tiffany many times and can confirm she is 10/10.

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