To borrow a Trumpian term, I’ve been using Chain Migration as a means to discover new MAs. The best MAs always connect me to the best MAs and today’s experience with the lovely Nikita was due to the recommendation of cute Erica of ALO.

Nikita is not on duty often lately, so it created a sense of urgency when I found myself with enough free time that aligned with her schedule and contacted Harley (their phone girl) right away. Nowadays I really like the chat box function on their website. The session was at their south location near bank and walkley. Parking was plentiful but the upstairs unit is not very discreet due to the neighbours with their open doors.

She greeted me in a one piece lingerie that accentuated her ample chest and curves. She’s not a spinner and has a few extra pounds but she wears it really well. Her face is beautiful and oozes sexiness. She’s mulatto with very fair skin and shorter blonde hair that’s slicked back.

I took a hot shower and she pointed me to her room, which was well appointed with a fake fireplace and music. The massage was very firm, exactly what I like with lots of pressure. She’s had formal training in massage and it shows. Attention paid to shoulders, legs, even feet. Fantastic. Although her services were well within MA limits with some exploration allowed, she is just sexy AF which really got me going. The finish was really good: lots of teasing, great view, nice moans, and edging that resulted in a powerful finish.

She’s a sweetheart and I will repeat definitely. If you’re looking for high mileage, maybe she’s not for you but for a non-rushed sensual time with a legit massage, you can’t go wrong.