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Thread: Btcoin: Currency of the future or a scam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slick_romeo View Post
    Bitcoin algorithm is backed by infallible mathematical code that has been evolving and maturing for 10 years now, its limited supply circumvents human greed and inflation.

    Paper money is backed by corrupt governments and is therefore subject to inflation and human greed.

    Bitcoin is long past the point of being a ponzi scheme, the next few years will be eye-popping for the naysayers.
    Hope your still on this board in two years so we can revive this thread and see how "eye-popping" this is for naysayers.

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    Everyone is looking for a way to get rich. If you want to know a way, here it is: convince fools to part with their money. Apparently, it's easily done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by black booty lover View Post
    Actually there is a big difference. The stock market isn't necessarily on what other people do, a big part of it has to do with the company itself. How well the product sells. If the product looks promising, people will buy shares. There's no value in bitcoin. The only thing your banking on is other people willing to buy it from you for more than what you paid. Bitcoin is nothing more then a way to transmit money, and there's lots of ways to do that.
    Bitcoin is a fiat currency, but it is a fiat currency with anonymity so it is more than just a regular fiat currency.

    If Visa kept no records and gave you no recourse for mistakes/scams, it would displace Bitcoin.

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    One thing I've learned is that stupid people never learn, LOL!

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