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Thread: Session duration and Choosing the Room

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    Session duration and Choosing the Room

    Hi guys,
    As most here know I’m new into MAs and Spas. So I have couple questions for you:

    1) What the ideal session duration with a MA? In terms of cost benefit. I always book 60 mins, but I would like to hear your feedbacks. Pros and Cons to have a shorter and longer MA experience.

    2) When you choose the Room (if there’s option to choose) what is nice to have there? Large beds, large showers, coach, discret, etc?


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    never had longer than a 30 min session. really no point for me. Couldn't care less about the room. I'm looking for a half decent massage, some sort of tease and unique finish to keep me coming back

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    60 min for me
    30 min is too fast for me

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    60 minutes, minimal. I prefer the sweetness of GFE.
    A lot of mirror is better. I don't enjoy a MA session if I can't see the lady properly.

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    Same here. 60 minutes minimum and a bigger table or bed is available.

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    Most of the time 60 minutes. Usually a $20 difference is not worth it for 45 min session.
    I rarely pick 30 minutes as it is too short unless I am crunch for time. 30 or 45 min sessions are for new girls.

    Double bed or larger bed if possible.

    Shower in the room is usually a must but I have seen girls in spas that has no shower in the room. Most the major spas already have very nice shower so bigger shower mean nothing for me. Great SF2 plays with decent shower size.

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    I always go for the 60 min to fully appreciate my time with a lovely ma

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    I've always done 60 minutes. I like the extra time to relax and find it's worth the extra $20.

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    Always 60 for a first session. 90 minutes on repeat sessions lately - sometimes 60 isn't enough. Prefer a double bed & a nice shower in the room.

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    45 mins is my usual. 30 too short and 60 is too long. I never last that long.

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    60m for me. Love to go nice and slow. Lots of kissing and teasing.
    Shower in room is ideal. Don't care about the bed size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Blower View Post
    45 mins is my usual. 30 too short and 60 is too long. I never last that long.
    Same here. I like doing 45 minutes. Especially since I have been mostly having sessions at Pure Spa in Toronto where the standard sessions are 40 minutes.

    FYI: Brass Club now offers discounts on their single beds where a 60 minute session on a single bed is the same price as a 45 minute session on a double bed. So at Brass, I have been doing 60 minute sessions on a single bed.

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