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Thread: Review: Lea at ALO

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    Review: Lea at ALO

    I had the pleasure of spending 90 minutes with the young and beautiful Lea Lourdes at the Bliss location. She is petite with beautiful natural D's which almost look out of proportion when trapped in her push-up bra. Once they are freed from that contraption, they fit very well with her frame.

    The session was excellent, in a very relaxed atmosphere with nice mellow music. Lea is very talented and we both had a lot of fun.

    She used to be at Paradise.

    I intend to repeat as soon as I can.

    Thanks to Poolasaurus for the recommendation.

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    Haha, glad to hear it was fun. Lea rocks.

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    Enjoyed an amazing session with Lea today - greeted in "travelling clothes" and then in a flash she was in a sexy little outfit that showed off all of her loveliness. Great room with mirrors perfectly placed so you can enjoy the sites - and oh what a site !! Lea really seems to enjoy herself and that makes the session so much fun. In fact i had so much fun that I forgot what I was supposed to be there for so next time I visit I may actually get to the massage part

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    Totally agree with Marshman - I also saw her this past week and all I can say is Wow! Feminine eroticism at its finest.

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    I absolutely love reading this I can't thank you enough for all the kind words, from all of you! <3

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    Agree one hundred percent with all said. Every session I’ve had with her has been fantastic. Highly recommend.

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    Agree with all the previous posts.
    Lea was fantastic.
    Amazing body.
    Likes to talk.
    A geek at heart. Likes to talk gaming and comiccon stuff.
    Good massage.
    Even better release.
    Repeat: yes

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    Had the great pleasure of meeting Lea today. I arrived on time and was asked to wait a few minutes. It was well worth the wait. Lea is a beautiful, petite spinner with a wonderful personality and incredible skills. Anytime I asked for something she reacted like it was her favourite activity in the world and dove in enthusiastically. As beautiful as she is, I think I was mesmerized by her eyes. When she looks at you, you feel like you are a very special, and lucky, friend.... with benefits.

    Definitely will be repeating.

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