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Thread: Sophia ( Sweetly Sultry Sophia )

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    Sophia ( Sweetly Sultry Sophia )


    Anyone have any info on this lady? I tried txt and got 120 hhr and 240 hr for FS. Near Oshawa Whitby. Rates going up after the 15th.

    Has a twitter

    Looks nice

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    I saw her ad and was very interested. I reached out by text and she was prompt and very professional in all her communication. At the time she was based in Ajax, and I set up a post work appointment. Due to unforeseen work issues I had to reschedule to the following morning, but again she was accommodating with the change! Next morning comes and check to make sure we are good to go! Yup getting excited now!! She seems very professional in her manner with making arrangements and I might try again some day? But! I recommend if you want to try her , I would not drive too far to do so!! She was close to my location and I was headed to work eventually anyway, so for me I lost very little and might have saved $240$, actually!!
    I would love to hear a reporter of an actual sighting! LOL

    Reached the location at set time and ....... radio silence!

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    I sent Sophia an email (address from her Twitter profile) and have had subsequent chats via text. She does come across as being polite, friendly and seems to be someone I would be interested in visiting. Unfortunately, she said she can only offer outcall at this time but said she will make sure to keep her schedule updated on Twitter.
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