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Thread: Rose Delacourt - Montreal's sweetheart back on February 12th

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    Rose Delacourt - Montreal's sweetheart back on February 12th

    Have you ever crossed a girl on the street that made you go WOW? Not because of outrageous outfits, but simply because of her face, her body and her smile? You only looked, as long as you possibly could, before reluctantly turning away wishing you dared to talk to her? Imagine now if that exact same girl waited for you and you only, to come and meet her for a romantic getaway? For a dinner? For a short-lived fantasy that will leave you hungry for more? Does it sound surreal? Well in my world you are my lover and the only thing that matters is us, in a shared moment where the time stops for a while. A quick escape from reality but a long-lasting lustful memory. Will you join me?

    Hey there handsome, I am Rose, 21 years old and I simply love to love. I am bubbly, adorable and sexy as hell. I've been told on several occasion that I am the perfect mix of sweet and hot. I am what you will qualify as a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. I am an athlete in powerlifting. You'll find that my scent is delicious, my skin as soft as silk and my touch warm and urgent. I will make you feel like my long-lost lover because you are.

    I am a romantic at heart. To me, each date stands alone and makes me love life even more. I deeply enjoy meeting new people, visiting new towns and kissing my way all around the world. Don't miss me while I'm in town, believe me, every single minute in my company is worth it.

    AVAILABILITIES IN TORONTO – please mention ‘Toronto’ in the object of your email

    Monday February 12th: 4pm to 11pm
    Tuesday February 13th: 10am to 11pm
    Wednesday February 14tht: 10am to 11pm

    My email is : [email protected]
    My website is:

    My rates are :
    1 hour - 300$
    1.5 hours - 500$
    2 hours - 600$
    3 hours - 800$
    6 hours - 1200$
    Overnight - 2000$

    *SPECIAL DINNER DATE PACKAGE* (2hours of social outing + 2 hours of intimate time) - 800$

    Kisses and hugs xo


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    Fun fact: I've been told I look like an angel, but when I have my mouth on you, staring right back into your eyes, you'd know there's nothing innocent about me. Will you find out?

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    This February, let me be your Valentine. No gifts needed, simply you, your body and your kindness. Don't miss out.

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    hey gentlemen, this is a short trip and I'm already half booked. Don't miss me when I'm in town!

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    Hey my lovers, here are my updated availabilities for my trip in February.

    Monday February 12th: FULLY BOOKED
    Tuesday February 13th: 1pm to 11pm
    Wednesday February 14th: 12pm to 11pm

    I will be hosting downtown

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    Hey Toronto, thanks for all the love! I might even come back another time this year if you play your cards right. Spoil me and I'll spoil you 100000x more xo

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    Ever wondered why I call myself ''the artist''? Because human connection and sensuality is an art. Let me pamper you xoxox

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    Have a good weekend Toronto xox

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    Less than a month to go! Thanks for the love Toronto. Still have some spots left, don't miss out xo

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    Sending you some warm kisses from Montreal! Love,

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    Wishing I was in Toronto already!

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    Hi Toronto you aren’t ready for all the love I’ll give you.

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    Just a quick update on my availabilities in Toronto

    Feb. 13: 1pm to 11pm
    Feb 14: 12pm to 8pm

    Rose xo

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    Goodnight Toronto! Sending you some love xo

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    3 weeks out! Half booked already! Oh Toronto, you won't know what's coming!

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    Planning all my tours for the next few months. You're doing great Toronto, you might get more than one visit this year!

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    Sending tons of love Toronto xo Only two weeks before I'm there! Start pre-booking now

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    Can’t wait to be in town Toronto!

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