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Thread: BareFax club updates

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    BareFax club updates

    For pictures, go here.

    I spent an hour chatting with Chantelle upstairs about the changes she has planned for the CR area. Opening the upstairs bar, fixing the booths, cleaning the ductwork, painting, lighting, possible changes to the stage-level mirrors downstairs and lowering the platforms on either side of the stage to ground level, different sheer curtains, all manner of interesting ideas. We were riffing off of each other's energy and had a blast discussing ideas. She was glad to hear my input on several levels.

    She is in the process of replacing all of the VIP room furniture, pictured below. It looks very sturdy, and I got the chance to try out the shoe chair. It's pretty amazing for lap dancing. Thanks again, Robyn.

    That natty white couch is gone, and the Senator's chair is one of the last to go. Thank god.

    For all those people complaining about the lack of updates to any club in the area, they're already here with more on the way.

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    Since I have no interests in stage dances, groups of people or anything really beyond the CR experience, that doesn't sound good. I care about discretion and privacy, and having the bar open upstairs or more lighting would be my ticket out.

    It fits with my last visit there though...they seemed to be trying to recreate the old strip club atmosphere, where groups of people go to watch the women onstage, drink beer and talk to the strippers instead of go to the CR with them. That has no appeal to me at all, but I could see it being more profitable for the club.

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    Well, she is the curren girlfriend of the owner, so I'm not surprised that some of these ideas would help the club. I believe that the idea is to make it better for the dancers, the club, and the patrons.

    Still, I'm glad to see these great changes coming to Ottawa's number 1 exotic dance bar. You really can't beat it!

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