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Thread: Looking need help

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    Looking need help

    Hey everyone have only seen one person ever from BP a few times and that would be Charlotte with the web. Had great times of course and never any issues. Haven't noticed her ads
    in awhile is she still around? Also can anyone recommend someone new I could try and that is spinner or somewhat spinner type like Charlotte as it's hard to know just by looking on BP who you can
    trust and want to avoid a bad situation of course so if anyone can recommend someone that would be much appreciated.

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    I think we are both in luck. She must be reading this thread so she has returned. She is a real sweetie with amazing skills. I will try to book her for tomorrow but I hope you saw this ad before I did so you could get your Charlotte fix. She is absolutely amazing and sweet smelling. Good luck Angus.......she can really take a pounding and isn't afraid to swallow afterwards. She is one of the few in Durham that is consistently a solid and dependable provider. Sexy Spinner was another great provider but sadly she decided to get married in her prime.

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