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Thread: Sports Booking Business

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    Sports Booking Business

    Any sports betters out there that bet with bookies or online?

    What do you look for in terms of service and cash in and cash outs?

    Any awesome stories? Negative or Positive experiences?

    Been offered a unique chance to be involved in the business and wanted to learn more about the business.

    Feel free to PM or post.
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    I've been using Sports Interaction for the past 10 years. Never had problems with payouts, and any discrepancies with the final result of a game are resolved very quickly. The best part of this site is their live betting options. Roughly, for the past 3 years I only go live betting. I can't imagine going back to the "old school' method of placing bets before the start of a game.

    Before switching to Sports Interaction i used Will Hill International for several years, they are also a solid option. With the wide variety of betting options available online it boggles my mind how anyone could still use a bookie or Proline.

    If you have a chance to get into the online betting business a wise investment would be in a site that has live betting as a major part of its business model as this is the future trend in the online betting industry right now.

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    I love the ponies and have been using HPIbet for some time now. I find the site interesting. There are free programmes, tip sheets, drf online and easy betting options on the site for regular betting and the exotic bets. Lots of fun and anticipation. I usually play Woodbine thoroughbreds and Woodbine/Mohawk standardbreds.

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    Online sports betting is dominated by MASSIVE corporations. Some trade on the various stock markets around the world. Generally there are 2 types. Ones that specialize in taking large bets from sharp bettors,(they also cater to the casual bettor) and others that cater to the casual bettors only,(these types have much lower limits for the sharp bettors).Both types ideally have equal money on both sides and make profit off the juice. The problem u have with a start up in this industry is VOLUME otherwise known as customers. Unless the principles who manage the lines are VERY VERY VERY SHARP its going to be difficult not to go on a rollercoaster ride with your money until u have thousands of customers to balance things out. If your starting from scratch online,good luck. If your buying a existing operation, there is a reason the big corporations haven't bought up. Don't get me wrong the sports booking business can be very profitable if your sharp with lines and have a bankroll to absorb a bad week or 2.And remember Vegas was built off slots and the pit. The sports book in vegas casino is not a profit centre. Its more of an attraction to get money in the casino. Good Luck. I wish I had that opportunity

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    I use HPI for horse racing too. Access to past performance info, videos and tip sheets as the previous poster mentioned.

    I use William Hill for sports. Just need a prepaid Mastercard as laws will prohibit deposits using regular credit cards, at least in my experience. You can bet 3rd league Bulgarian soccer if you are in desperate need for a wager!

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    Any one who is interested in working with me feel free to PM!

    Also anyone who wishes to try the site let me know!
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