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Thread: Ap for 2nd phone number?

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    Asha Singh
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    Ap for 2nd phone number?

    I've received repeated and ongoing requests from folks who would like to communicate by phone to simplify the booking process.

    I want to be able to to provide a number to reach me if absolutely necessary (I will always prefer email as the primary mode of contact) but don't feel it comfortable giving out my phone number to those with whom I lack an established relationship.

    I used google voice previously when I was in the U.S., but it's not available here in Canada, so I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on an ap that will give me a second phone number to use for hobbyist purposes exclusively?

    Suggestions with pros and cons much appreciated!

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    If you're comfortable working with technology (and have high-speed internet), then you can consider this option:

    1) sign up with a voice-over-ip provider, such as (link) You can get a phone number for about $1/month. If you need to, you can get more phone numbers - or release them.

    You can set up a voicemail account with that phone number (within, and retrieve messages at will through the web interface.

    You can set up an app like Zoiper on your computer (or your cellphone) and configure it to connect to your account.

    If you're setting up multiple phone numbers, you'll configure a "sub-account" - more complicated, but the options are all there for all your phone numbers.

    2) Buy an "Analogue Telephone Adapter" ("ATA") such as one of these:
    and configure it to connect to your account - then plug in a regular telephone and use it like a regular phone line

    Note - while this should meet your requirements, special services such as 911 do NOT work the same as with a regular phone line. Anyone considering this approach should weigh their options carefully and be fully informed.

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    Text now.

    You can forward it to your private phone number. You can accept incoming directly from the app with no charge and you can use it for texting. Most reliable app I have seen. 40$ for a year secures your number in case you stop using it for a couple of months.

    I know a few providers who only use this app for their communication and have never had issue.

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    Textme. Can buy credits straight in the app (paid for through your Apple account). Texts are free, calls are like $.05/min.

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    Line2. Checks out as a real phone number, can be forwarded to whatever number you want, you can text/picture/video message and manage voicemails.

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    There's also TextPlus which is the only one that run flawlessly on my phone without crashing. It works pretty much like textnow, with a slightly better background notifier.

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