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Thread: Barefax Dancers

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    Yes, I've spent some time with Precious.She is all tease, if that's what you're into. It was fun, but was lacking even for me.
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    Spent some hot and sexy time with Lila 2 weeks ago during the day (Friday June 8). A real French lady (from France), curvy brunette (not BBW but a nice hourglass), milf age, late thirties would be my guess. Based on my experience with her, I can only conclude that the stereotype about the French is true...they sure are a passionate and sensual lot! (While remaining within the boundaries of conventional CR behavior)

    Said she's going back to France in July for a few months, maybe longer.

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    Yesterday PM (Tuesday, Dec. 4th.), at Barefax:

    Alex, Chloe, Dallas, Elena, Grace, Marissa, Monica, Sophia, Tamika, Tiffany.

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    I ran into an old favourite this week. Eva. She is tall, dark, slim, and athletic; just my type. She used to be one of my regular girls until she 'borrowed' a pile of money and promptly disappeared for 15 months. I'd heard that she was back and dancing at NuDen.
    She was working at BareFax on Wednesday and did everything she could to ignore me when I came in. She went out for a smoke, stayed upstairs except for her set, used the back stairs instead of the central staircase.
    She was there again on Friday and when I finally confronted her she denied any knowledge of the debt.
    I know another dancer from there who she had been staying with for a while and we've talked. She definitely remembers the debt.

    Anyway, I had a chat with management and she won't be dancing there anymore. One less scammer to worry about. You're welcome. Watch out for her at NuDen.

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    Thanks kiltboy for the heads up re Eva. Will definitely avoid wherever she turns up. Sorry to hear about your scamming experience. I would have been equally pissed. It's a lesson for us all to remain vigilant.

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    I spent some time there with Angela, a tall black girl. She was great and this is the sort of experience that makes me wanna repeat. I havent seen her in a couple of months but i am willing to try her again.

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