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Thread: Barefax Dancers

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    Yes, I've spent some time with Precious.She is all tease, if that's what you're into. It was fun, but was lacking even for me.
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    Spent some hot and sexy time with Lila 2 weeks ago during the day (Friday June 8). A real French lady (from France), curvy brunette (not BBW but a nice hourglass), milf age, late thirties would be my guess. Based on my experience with her, I can only conclude that the stereotype about the French is true...they sure are a passionate and sensual lot! (While remaining within the boundaries of conventional CR behavior)

    Said she's going back to France in July for a few months, maybe longer.

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    Yesterday PM (Tuesday, Dec. 4th.), at Barefax:

    Alex, Chloe, Dallas, Elena, Grace, Marissa, Monica, Sophia, Tamika, Tiffany.

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