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Thread: Barefax Dancers

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    Yes, I've spent some time with Precious.She is all tease, if that's what you're into. It was fun, but was lacking even for me.
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    Spent some hot and sexy time with Lila 2 weeks ago during the day (Friday June 8). A real French lady (from France), curvy brunette (not BBW but a nice hourglass), milf age, late thirties would be my guess. Based on my experience with her, I can only conclude that the stereotype about the French is true...they sure are a passionate and sensual lot! (While remaining within the boundaries of conventional CR behavior)

    Said she's going back to France in July for a few months, maybe longer.

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    Yesterday PM (Tuesday, Dec. 4th.), at Barefax:

    Alex, Chloe, Dallas, Elena, Grace, Marissa, Monica, Sophia, Tamika, Tiffany.

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    I ran into an old favourite this week. Eva. She is tall, dark, slim, and athletic; just my type. She used to be one of my regular girls until she 'borrowed' a pile of money and promptly disappeared for 15 months. I'd heard that she was back and dancing at NuDen.
    She was working at BareFax on Wednesday and did everything she could to ignore me when I came in. She went out for a smoke, stayed upstairs except for her set, used the back stairs instead of the central staircase.
    She was there again on Friday and when I finally confronted her she denied any knowledge of the debt.
    I know another dancer from there who she had been staying with for a while and we've talked. She definitely remembers the debt.

    Anyway, I had a chat with management and she won't be dancing there anymore. One less scammer to worry about. You're welcome. Watch out for her at NuDen.

    I don't usually care about how a girl runs her shop, but if you fuck me over there will be consequences.
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    Thanks kiltboy for the heads up re Eva. Will definitely avoid wherever she turns up. Sorry to hear about your scamming experience. I would have been equally pissed. It's a lesson for us all to remain vigilant.

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    I spent some time there with Angela, a tall black girl. She was great and this is the sort of experience that makes me wanna repeat. I havent seen her in a couple of months but i am willing to try her again.

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    Was there last Wednesday, daytime. Had a dance with a black girl, Olivia. I warned her that I was worried about over-counting.... In the end the dance was not to shabby, but she did over-count.... Didn't feel like starting a fight, but I would not trust her anymore, but that's me. Too bad, pretty girl.

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    Great. Spam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilt Boy View Post
    Great. Spam.
    Spam ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilt Boy View Post
    Great. Spam.
    I don't consider that spam, at all. I think it's helping a guy find the girl he's interested in, and saving $$$. Good job, zuperman. Kilt Boy, take a breath.

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    I saw the add and she does look lile the girl I was with at Barefax. I can say that it's obviously her. Thanks Zuperman
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    Afraid I have one for the avoid list. Katrina. She's been there a lot lately during the late-afternoon. I broke my rule and got a lapdance from a very drunk girl. Didn't go well. Nothing too bad happened was just a waste of $60 that should have been actually $40 lol. Her opening line is a very slurred "buy me a tequila?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomott View Post
    Afraid I have one for the avoid list. Katrina.
    I have to agree. She's adorable and cute and playful, but sooooooooo drunk. All the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilt Boy View Post
    I have to agree. She's adorable and cute and playful, but sooooooooo drunk. All the time.
    The same Katrina who was always at Barbs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sqfoster View Post
    The same Katrina who was always at Barbs?
    Yep, told me she used to work there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomott View Post
    Yep, told me she used to work there.
    Her champagne room performance is pretty tame regardless of alcohol intake.

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    I spent some time with Olivia last week. She's a night girl and was doing her required day-shift.
    I'm pretty conservative with my CR experience, abd even I was disappointed. She would have just sat on my lap, hugging if I hadn't started the ball rolling, directing the action and removing her clothes for her. It was like playing UNdressup with a doll.
    She was adorablle and personable, but not an experience I want to repeat.
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    Barefax has been depressing lately. The club is clearly dying. If it wasn't for the cheap drinks I probably wouldn't go much anymore. I also never go at night with the ridiculous charge just to pay to get a lapdance. Not sure who's idea that was but it wasn't a good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbiz View Post

    And what, there's a charge to pay for lapdances at the table or in the CR?
    In the evening (after 6:00?) it seems that the 'Fax has instituted a fee ($5 I believe, not sure) to access the CR area upstairs. Not sure if this is a 'once-a-night' levy or applies every time one chooses to visit the CR with a dancer.

    This sort of thing can be encountered in certain Toronto SCs - think I may have run accross this at Filmore's but my recollection was it was a 'one-time' thing (but a $10 hit) and one was given a 'hand-stamp' for multiple trips.

    Edit: I'm told this fee applies after 7:00 and is charged on every visit to the CR.
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    Yeah, $5 from a girl who will ask for a "tip"instead of giving you change if you give her more than a 5. A tip to what? Make me pay extra for a lapdance lol? Beer is I believe $11.25 for a mini-pitcher that holds just over 2 pints. So no complaints there. Some of the cheapest prices in the city with some nice scenery.

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    Katrina is a very cute and friendly dancer at the Barefax. Lapdances are relatively lame but her song counting accuracy reeks of uncontrolled inflation. Although the lapdances are quite pleasant, best to stay clear if you want to avoid monetary conflict.

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    Katrina: 5 STAR

    As the meaning of her name, "pure", Katrina is a natural, a cutie, a petite with a lovely face, striking eyes and seducing smile. As you can guess, I am not overwhelmed by enhanced DDs , tattooed, shaking stretched at my face on the stage. Katrina is the opposite.
    Same, as she was blamed in a previous comment, she asked for a shot of tequila right away as she joined me; I tried to put myself in her shoes: "The Beauty and the Beast", I would have asked for at least two. In the Champagne Room time runs out fast, but I left with the feel of her gentle curves in my hands, her sparkling eyes in my head and her delicate "Scent of a Woman".
    Next day, my last day in the city, I had to go back. Luckily she was announced to appear on the stage within minutes after my arrival. She acknowledged my presence right away, with her penetrating eyes, accompanied by a hidden smile. She knew I am there for her. Katrina's sensual performance at the pole was again something that I enjoyed a lot, far from athletic or overly erotic.
    This time she did not ask for any drinks, instead she spoiled me within the regular limits upstairs. Staring at the Gates of Heaven, her overall beauty, kindness, and personality got permanently encrypted in my memory.
    Thank you, and all the best...

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    It's funny to see all the comments on Katrina, as that's who approached me today. I'm glad I didn't read all of the above first, as I had a nice time with her upstairs. Nothing wild, but very nice. She sat with me for the first dance, with no charge, and I paid her for the appropriate number of dances. Nice woman. Didn't ask for a drink.

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