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    Thumbs up Lola @ Brass Club

    I have been following the stunning Lola on twitter and have been absolutely blown away by her beauty as well as her pleasant manner when communicating.

    Follow her on twitter or just @kittylolaa
    Go do it right now. You will thank me - the pictures she posts will make for very pleasant dreams.

    After seeing her pictures and sending a few replies and DMs on twitter Lola shot to the top of my priority list. I booked with her directly via DM and that was confirmed shortly after by the automated system via email. (My choice, you don't have to turn this on.) We shared a few messages the day before which amped up the anticipation. I picked up on her love of chocolate from a twitter post and she confirmed milk chocolate not dark via DM. A little gift that a lady likes is a great way to build some chemistry for a first meeting. I enjoyed the anticipation and had fun picking out some chocolates, a flower, and writing a nice little card to tuck the donation into.

    Getting to the Brass Club was a bit tougher than normal - downtown is not that convenient for me but normally I just park underground in one of the 3 garages within 100 feet of the building. Bad luck today due to the transit strike in Gatineau yesterday which seemed to make things worse so the lots were full. I drove around and had to park about 4 blocks away. Not a big deal, but damn it was freaking cold today! I think the tulip I brought just about froze solid. All told I was inside in 5 minutes, so no big deal. I buzz and and am met by the lovely Jessica who offers a beverage. Lola is there as well when I step off the elevator in a very sexy black bra and panties set. She is ready to hug and kiss me immediately, but I hold back a moment since my hands are giant ice cubes.

    Lola. This woman is drop dead gorgeous. Her pictures are accurate - she is WAY out of my league even when I was in my 20s. Unless you are dating models on the regular you have not touched a woman this beautiful, or at least I hadn't. Lola is slim and would almost be petite but at 5'7" she may not be considered a "spinner" by some. Her body is slim but not skinny with lovely perky 32C breasts and very soft skin that seems to be slightly olive. She has gorgeous long dark brown hair that falls to the middle of her back and entrancing blue eyes. Her hair is naturally wavy and looks spectacular - sometimes she straightens it and it still looks nice although a bit different. I'm a total sucker for dark hair/light eyes and she hits that out of the park. On top of that she has great legs and a lovely bum.

    Once in the room together (one of the double table rooms I much prefer) we both shared how excited we were to meet in person. My initial nervousness was instantly smothered with tender kisses and a warm embrace. Sweet Lola made me feel like her lover in seconds, I felt an instant connection with her. After presenting my small gifts and placing the envelope with the donation discretely on the window ledge Lola took my coat and then proceeded make out with me. We chatted and laughed a bit but mostly kissed and cuddled for the first few minutes. As we explored each other she began to very sensually undress me. We took our time - it was magical. After a good 10 minutes of gentle intimacy (quickly becoming excitement) we made our way to the shower where we explored each other. It didn't feel like our first time together - it was erotic and sexy as hell but Lola has a good sense of humor and it was fun as well. I laughed. She giggled. I melted (on the inside - the outside had a different reaction.)

    After the shower we moved to the large double massage table where we explored and played with each other. I love that Lola didn't stick to the standard script, but let the hour flow naturally. She catered to my needs and wants in a very intimate way combining sensuality with her warmth and sense of fun. We both had fun and I was left satisfied both physically and emotionally. It is true intimacy I crave and Lola delivered that beyond my expectations. After Lola made sure I was fully relaxed in every way she cuddled and kissed before moving us into another warm slippery shower. The second shower with Lola was more relaxed but still playful and sexy. We parted with a tender kiss and she made sure the coast was clear before escorting me to the front.

    I had a truly wonderful time. Lola is highly recommended. I know that chemistry matters and that it won't be the same for everyone but my session with Lola is a true "GFE" with a level of emotional intimacy that is very rare.

    A bit about Brass Club - I like late morning appointments because I can linger for lunch. Jessica and the staff are always careful to maintain privacy, but I enjoyed having a nice hot sandwich and a beer for a very reasonable price. I would have spent almost as much to eat terrible fast food instead, but this way I spent a very pleasant lunch hour having a nice lunch while surrounded by a bevy of beautiful ladies. The staff is always careful to maintain privacy for those that wish it - when you sit at the bar you cannot be seen by those entering or leaving and the staff is careful with this. The next time you think about going out for lunch with co-workers give your head a shake - book an appointment instead and treat yourself to a nice lunch with wonderful company and a nice relaxing hour with a beautiful lady. The stress will kill you gents if you don't do something about it - do it for your health.
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    Thanks for the review!

    I've had some amazing sessions with Mya at the Brass Club.

    Lola is next on my TDL.

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    They are both very special. I plan to repeat with these two for quite a while.

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    Lola is definitely one of the most beautiful women who I've ever received a massage from. I have the feeling that she's going to be very hard to get an appointment with soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lephturn View Post
    They are both very special. I plan to repeat with these two for quite a while.
    Nice! Anyone else at Brass Club that you would recommend that are similar to Mya and Lola?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Globus View Post
    Lola is definitely one of the most beautiful women who I've ever received a massage from. I have the feeling that she's going to be very hard to get an appointment with soon!
    She is already getting there. She has had mostly fully booked days the last couple of weeks. Book a week out to be safe. She is worth it and the anticipation is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
    Nice! Anyone else at Brass Club that you would recommend that are similar to Mya and Lola?
    I'm too new at the game, I've only met with about 4 of the Brass ladies so far and these two just blew my mind. Jessica seems to be bringing in 1-3 new ladies a week these days, so we'll all have to work on trying out the new ladies to see who the gems are.

    Lola sets the bar very god damned high I'll say that.

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    I have not met enough of the others yet to say. I have my first duo on Tuesday with brand-new Chloe (room-mate of Ren and Winnie). I'll post with results in a separate thread.

    This is Lola's review thread, and if you have yet to see her, I highly recommend booking with her.

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    Lola, now known as Olivia, will officially be retiring from Brass and the industry.
    Her last day is this coming Friday, June 30th 12pm to 9pm.

    She will indeed be missed.
    Ottawa is losing an extraordinary MA and Brass is losing a great friend.

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