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Thread: Strange reasons to choose a provider

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    I also like an ad that hints at something truly wild - words like "freak" or freaky make me wonder what that means, what crazy shit can she put me through (in a good way).

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    looked at agency website pix and went eeny, meeny, miny, moe......................................worked out 10/10/10

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    LAST Names

    I have had some extraordinary experiences with girls with last names.

    I look at it as Brand Building. They are easier to find/re-connect if they go indie or change agencies or drop out for a while. More importantly, to me it means someone who is concerned about their on-going reputation (at least potentially).

    My heaven was seeing Grace Miller and Farrah Grey in the same week !

    Regrettably, I am still looking for their replacement(s).

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    My posts are fictional.
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    I've seen a few SPs that have gone Indy and added a second name to their agency name. Makes total sense to me and distinguishes them from their old agency persona.

    For me, I will never book with a SP that shares a name with any blood relative. I know it's just a fake working name, but just using it when i see them is weird.

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